Studying Business Administration In Turkey
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Business administration is one of the preferable specializations for local and international students. The study of business administration in Turkey aims to provide the students with theoretical knowledge and link it to the business environment. 

It is based on practical training and theories applications to refine the students with the assets of the administrative process such as planning, organizing, directing, controlling, monitoring, and evaluating. Also, the information related to the institution's objectives, such as financing, production, marketing, and what related to administrative support means. 

The significance of studying business administration specializations in Turkey

• It combines the scientific and practical methods to solve any business sector problem.

• It works on studying the economic and social aspects so that the administration can use the appropriate methods in making a correct decision.

• It analyzes the issues, crises, and available opportunities in the business sector, as well as presents solutions and ideas that enable the decision-makers to take wise actions and achieve positive results.

• It helps increase job opportunities, especially for students currently studying business administration.

• Business administration specialization has scientific and practical content that helps increase the institutions' and companies' profits.

• The educational standards differ between Turkish universities; some can be compared to the best universities in the USA and Europe.

• The low tuition fees characterize Turkish universities compared to other countries, mainly in Europe.

• The modern learning environments with the latest technology and international academic staff.

 tuition fees to study MBA in turkey

Advantages of studying administrative specializations in Turkish universities

Business administration or administrative education in Turkish universities has a practical and applied field orientation.

• Turkey has an excellent geographic location, which allows for a much inflow of foreign capital investments.

• Students get contracts to work with international companies without affecting their studies and residence in Turkey.

• Students can benefit from knowing how Turkey has a highly dynamic and international financial market.

• Most business administration courses in Turkish universities are taught in English.

Characteristics of students of business administration in Turkish universities

Business administration students must have the characteristics that qualify them to study this specialization, including:

1- Student potential in dialogue skills, strong personality, and eligibility to cooperate with others, especially in the team.

2- To possess administrative skills, persuasion, decision-making, and analytical skills. Furthermore, to work with the internet, computers, statistics, and creating tables and graphs.

3- To have a good potential in mathematics and English. However, professionalism is not required; instead, a person must be qualified for these personal characteristics.

specialization in business adminstrations

Specializations in business administration in the Turkish universities

There are several specializations in business administration in Turkey, including: 

• Human Resources

• Public Relations 

• Public Administration 

• Marketing 

• Supply Chain Management

• Financing 

• Entrepreneurship 

• Business Administration 

• Accounting 

Philosophy and goals of the Turkish universities in the business administration

• Introducing the student to business organizations, including their characteristics and functions, as well as studying business administration through the processes of planning, leadership, coordination, control, and decision-making.

• Achieving the goal mentioned above through an integrated decision-making system developed in a dynamic environment. It employs an information system that allows influence on development internally and externally.

• The student learns skills of volume analysis and motives of the international business exchanges and the environmental factors that affect international business. The student will also possess knowledge and methods of using quantitative analysis packages that utilize computer programs and applications in various functions in business administration.

• One of the essential skills the student is trained on is the oral and written English language.

• The theoretical, cognitive, and practical study focuses on strategic management, business policies, and scientific methods in setting thoughtful goals, also the employment of the scientific method in research, analysis, and addressing administrative problems in business organizations.

• Developing students' abilities in understanding the practical uses of technology, designing and implementing applied research, through conducting research and field studies, including the use of an analytical framework to study business systems and the administrative dimension of multinational companies and within globalization and marketing competition, including understanding the impact of culture and globalization on organizations.

• Work ethically, promoting control over ethical thinking in work.

• Supporting innovation culture.

requirements paper of mba in turkey

Duration of administrative specializations in Turkish universities

The duration of business administration specialization in Turkey is four years (8 semesters). However, students in universities that adopt the credit system can finish in three and a half years as a minimum.

Reasons international students prefer studying business administration in English in Turkey

International students need an additional year plus years of study to pass the Turkish language exam.

• Students prefer the English language for ease of communication during training periods with international institutions contracted with Turkish educational institutions. Private universities are distinguished by the abundance of international companies that train students.

• International students tend to study business administration in private universities because the courses are taught in English, compared to governmental universities, which primarily teach in Turkish.

Syllabus of business administration in Turkish universities

The most significant business administration syllabus can be divided according to the years of study, as follows:


• Academic writing techniques and skills

• Computer Basics

• Mathematics and Analysis

• Introduction to the Basics of Microeconomics


• Financial and Administrative Accounting

• Introduction to the Basics of Macroeconomics

• Statistics

• Marketing and Financial Administration


• Commercial Law

• Digital Basics in Business Administration

• Business Financing and Financial Resources management

• Administrative Information Systems

• International Business Administration


• Administration Strategies.

• Entrepreneurship

• Small Business Administrations

• Practical Applications.

• "Pre-graduation" Training

Note: Field training in business administration is optional and not mandatory. If the student is interested in in-field training, the universities provide services and facilities to deliver the best training.

Careers of business administration specialization in Turkish universities

  • Administrative Communications
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business Administration
  • Production Management
  •  Research Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Change, and Development Management
  • Total Quality Management 
  • Operations and Production Management
  • Financial Management
  • Project Management
  • Small Business Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Operations Research
  • Computer-based Analysis Techniques
  • Organization and Planning
  •  Guidance and Control
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Administrative Control
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Communication Methods and Requirements
  • Public Relations
  • Management Principles
  • English Terms of Commercial Communication Process
  • Methodology of Data and Information Collection
  • Methodology of Hypothesis and Theory Development
  • Organization Theory
  • Organizational Structures
  •  Administrative Functions.

Job opportunities for graduates of business administration in Turkish Universities

Graduates of business administration can work in the following professions in addition to working in the public or private sector or even self-employment:

• Accountant

• Advertising Director

• Business Analyst

• Financial Manager

• Financial Market Research Analyst

• Public Relations Specialist

• Small Business Management

• Projects Administrative Assistant

• Procurement Supervisor

• Personnel Management

• Director of Human Resources Management

• Coordinator of Administrative Programs

Requirements for studying administrative specializations in Turkey

• General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) accredited and translated into Turkish.

• GCSE related transcript accredited and translated into English or Turkish.

• A valid passport.

• A recent photograph.

Requirements for studying business administration in Turkish universities

 Public universities require passing the YÖS or SAT. Without any of these tests, admission applications are not accepted, whereas private universities do not require such tests.

• Some universities may require students who do not speak English either to take an additional year of preparatory English language before enrolling in a degree program or to pass the "Exemption Exam" that ensures their English language proficiency.


Ranking of universities that offer business administration specialization in Turkey

Be noted that repeating the university name means that it either provides the specialization in an additional language or has a night shift or both:

1. Boğaziçi University

2. Koç University

3. Bilkent Üniversitesi

4. TOBB University of Economics and Technology

5. Galatasaray University

6. Istanbul Bilgi University

7. Middle East Technical University (METU)

8. Bilkent University

9. Koç University

10. Özyeğin University

11. Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ)

12. Istanbul Bilgi University

13. Bahçeşehir University

Tuition fees of the best Turkish universities to study business administration

1. Özyeğin University: English medium of instruction, tuition fees are 8400$.

2. Bahçeşehir University: English medium of instruction, tuition fees are 7900$.

3. Istanbul Bilgi University: English medium of instruction, tuition fees are 4,000$.

4. Istanbul Aydın University: English medium of instruction, tuition fees are 5000$.

5. Istanbul Okan University: English medium of instruction of 4560$ tuition fees or Turkish of 4140$.

6. Medipol University: English medium of instruction, tuition fees are 3,960$.

7. Istanbul Gelişim University: English medium of instruction of 4000$ tuition fees or Turkish of 3500$.

8. Nişantaşı University: English medium of instruction of 2950$ tuition fees or Turkish of 2450$.

9. Yeditepe Üniversitesi: English medium of instruction, tuition fees are 10,500$

10. Altınbaş University: English medium of instruction, tuition fees are 4,000$.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Turkish universities

The MBA program aims to meet the needs of future business leaders. It deals with business administration from a broad perspective and includes a national and international outlook. It combines theoretical knowledge and project method with the application of research in real-life situations.

The MBA program aims to provide students with the latest information in business administration and renew the existing knowledge, which contains all the functions of business administration. It is worth noting that the MBA program starts in September each year.



MBA duration in Turkish universities

Generally, postgraduate studies range from one and a half to two years. It depends on whether the program is with or without a thesis.


MBA syllabus in Turkey

The MBA syllabus in Turkey is divided into core and elective, from which the students choose as a preference:

Core syllabus of MBA in Turkish universities

• Analysis and Financial Management 

• Administrative Economics

• Turkish Economy

• Creating New, Small, and Entrepreneurial Projects

• Production and Operations Management

• Strategic Management and Business Simulation

• Strategic Marketing Management

Elective syllabus of MBA in Turkish universities 

The student chooses the courses that he wants to study from the following:

• Advanced Macroeconomics

• Advanced Microeconomics

• Brand Management

• B2B Marketing

• Capital Markets and Investment

• Consumer Behavior

• Contemporary Marketing Practice

• Corporate Financing

• Econometrics

• Equity Valuation

• Financial Accounting

• Financial Econometrics

• Financial Markets and Institutions

• External Financing

• International Marketing

• Marketing Simulation

• The Political Economy of Development

• Public Finance

• Real Estate Financing

• Risk Modeling and Analysis

• Financial Securities

Requirements and conditions for admission in MBA in Turkey

• A copy of a valid passport

• Personal photograph

• A copy of the bachelor's degree certificate

• A copy of the bachelor's degree transcript

• Language certificate, if available

• Some universities request a recommendation letter

• Some universities require a letter of motivation

Tuition fees of the best Turkish universities to study MBA

▪ Tuition fees for MBA specializations range from 2800$ for the entire program.

▪ There are additional advantages to the business administration specialization, which is the possibility of studying remotely, which is available in many universities. The best of them are Bahçeşehir University and Bilgi University.


Best MBA universities in Turkey and their tuition fees


1. Bahçeşehir University: English and Turkish medium of instruction; two years, tuition fees are 9000$.

2. Istanbul Aydin University: English and Turkish medium of instruction; two years, tuition fees are 5500$.

3. Okan University: English and Turkish medium of instruction; two years, tuition fees are 5,400$.

4. Istanbul Gelişim University: English and Turkish medium of instruction; two years, tuition fees are 3500$.

5. Istanbul Arel University: English medium of instruction of 4,000$ tuition fees or in Turkish of 2,800$, both for two years.

6. Özyeğin University: Turkish medium of instruction; two years, tuition fees are 6769$.

7. Istinye University: Turkish medium of instruction, two years, tuition fees are 5,400$.

8. Yeditepe Üniversitesi: English medium of instruction, two years, tuition fees are 8,500$.


Graduates of Turkish universities in administrative specializations are eligible to work in any country due to their widely recognized knowledge and skills.

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