Studying Public Relations in Turkey
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Why Study Public Relations Specialization in Turkey?

  • Specialists in public relations are experts in oral and written communication and use traditional and contemporary public media channels, thus enjoying multiple prestigious jobs.
  • Turkish universities are among the sought-after destinations to study public relations due to offering the programs at affordable prices compared to the universities in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and China.
  • Turkish public and private universities offer scholarships, including full grants covering tuition fees, accommodation, health care, and travel expenses, or partial grants for academic excellence.
  • International students can pursue their higher studies in master and doctoral programs in public and private universities.
  • Turkey has active trading and an important scientific and urban renaissance that provides the public relations graduates with many job opportunities.
  • Due to the quality of their academic curricula, public and private Turkish universities provide the student with professional skills and capabilities required for the labor market.
  • The student of public relations specialization should have a strong presence, ability to solve problems, collect information, social tact, strong body language, especially listening and speaking, and communication and time management skills.

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Sub-majors that fall under the specialization of public relations in Turkey

  • Media Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Social Responsibility
  • Public Affairs
  • Crisis Management
  • Social Media
  • Employee Relations
  • Marketing and Communications

Why Study Public Relations Specialization in Turkey?

Advantages of Public Relations in Turkish Universities

  • Public relations programs are available in English and Turkish. The student is free to choose the programs that meet his needs.
  • Each program contains 122 credit hours (4 academic years). This period could be extended one more year to attend the language preparatory year if the student did not manage to submit the language proficiency certificate. 
  • It provides the graduates with several job opportunities at different levels and tasks.
  • This study correctly builds students' academic knowledge and influences their critical thinking skills to help them find creative and innovative solutions.
  • It provides advanced field training and offers different public relations case studies and media campaigns.

Admission requirements to study public relations in Turkish private universities

  • There are no specific conditions for studying public relations in Turkish private universities.
  • The international students can submit their admission application to a private university attached with the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) with a minimum average of 50%.
  • The universities ask to submit the English or Turkish language proficiency certificate based on the medium of instruction.

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Job opportunities  for Public Relations in Turkey

  • Work in public relations institutions such as municipalities, hospitals, and banks
  • Work in the public relations and advertising departments in the public or private sector
  • Work in the departments of marketing, research, and marketing communications of the companies
  • Work in press editing, publishing, and distributing the news of the institution which they work for 
  • Work in the planning field for institutions and organize advertising campaigns and various events.
  • Preparing campaigns, official interviews, and personal interviews of institutions.
  • Preparing reports, articles, and minutes
  • Public relations specialist is part of the institutions' board of directors 
  • Participation in the development of academic curricula and academic education
  • Developing relationships with external parties through institutional communication.
  • Monitoring the local and external positions of the entity where the public relations specialist works.
  • Work in external public relations for the institution, including cooperation with local, foreign and non-local organizations.

Costs and Expenses of studying public relations in private Turkish universities

The annual tuition fees for studying Public relations in Turkey are approximately between $2050 to $9800 in English or in Turkish language.

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Costs and Expenses of studying public relations in private Turkish universities

Public Relations Courses in Turkish Universities

The courses include the foundations of public relations, the introduction to the media, news in the media and public opinion, written editing skills, the study of communication theories, the study of text analysis, social psychology, international media, organizational communication, practical cases in public relations, and problem-solving. The specialization focuses on computer, Internet, and artificial intelligence courses. It also covers the study of marketing, program planning, and public relations campaigns. The courses in the public relations program can be given as follows.

First academic year

Communication and Business Strategy, Communication Skills and Academic Report Writing, Media and Communication Theories, Introduction to Public Relations, Sociology, Fundamentals of Psychology, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Corporate Communication.

Second academic year

 Innovative and Creative Communications, Social Sciences, Accounting Management, and Visual Communication Design.

Third academic year

Strategy and Management of Public Relations, Field Training and Case Studies of Public Relations.

Fourth academic year

Advanced Field Training, Public Relations Case Studies, and Media Campaigns

Public Relations Courses in Turkish Universities

About the most important universities that teach public relations in Turkey

Istanbul Bilgi University

  • Istanbul Bilgi University contributes to the field of science, artistic production, and technology development. It also uplifts the students' academic research and professional training practice skills and creates awareness of social responsibility.
  • The available program offers all the necessary tools that enable graduates to implement effective plans to manage various communication issues.
  • The Master's program in Public Relations and Corporate Communication (MA) integrates theoretical knowledge and practical experience. It also provides a dynamic learning environment to educate future advisors of public institutions, the private sector, and non-profit organizations.
  • This specialization is available in English with a tuition fee of $6950.

Yeditepe University

  • The public relations and advertising program is offered in Yeditepe University to keep pace with the latest developments in new information and communication technology.
  • The public relations program has been offered since 1996 with many public relations graduates at the national and international levels.
  • This specialization is available as public Relation and publicity  in English with a tuition fee of $5,670. 

Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul

  • Bahçeşehir University aims to be the leading university in knowledge promotion regionally and nationally. 
  • It also uplifts students' cultural level and emphasizes respecting intellectual property and the rights of others.
  • Public relations is the most popular program among international students who seek to pursue their studies in Istanbul. 
  • This specialization is available in English with a tuition fee of $8,200. 

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