How to begin studying in Turkey?
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Turkey is one of the best countries to study in, whether it is a public university with tuition fees or a scholarship from the Turkish government. In Turkey, there are approximately 120 public state universities and 80 private universities.

Turkish universities, particularly the private ones, are characterized by the majors; there are universities specialized in studying medicine with all its branches, and other universities that are famous for studying engineering with various branches and so on. This facilitates for you to determine the university that you want to study in. In the following lines, we are showing you the admission requirements in public and private Turkish universities with an overview of Turkish scholarships provided by the Turkish government for distinguished students from various countries all over the world, especially Arab countries.

If you want to study in Turkish public universities, firstly, you should know the admission requirements in public and private universities.

Admission requirements in Turkish public universities

In Turkey, admission requirements in public universities are a little bit difficult to meet, specifically in medical and engineering degrees as admission to most universities requires the Turkish YÖS test or international tests like the American SAT. Certainly, there is a good number of universities that accept students who apply with a high school certificate only, yet most of the high-ranked universities demand some unattainable requirements.

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The required documents for applying to public Turkish universities

  • A copy of the high school certificate should be translated, and certified by a notary, besides being amended by the Turkish Education Directorate or by the Turkish embassy in the student’s country knowing that the amendment isn’t required at the time of registration, but it is necessary when the acceptance is confirmed.
  • A copy of the student's passport provided that it is valid at the time of submission. It is worth mentioning that some universities require the translation of the passport and others don’t.
  • A clear biometric photo with a white background.
  • Language certificates, if it exists, and if not, the student applying for admission will take the exemption test.
  • Some universities require the Turkish YÖS test or the American SAT exclusively for applying and other universities accept the high school certificate directly.
  • Some universities require paying the fees to research the application for admission and this money isn't refunded if the application is not accepted by the university.

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Admission requirements in Turkish private universities

  • Turkish private universities are highly attainable by many Arab students, due to the ease of applying and the high possibility of getting accepted. Not only are the Turkish private universities easy in the application process, but are also providing good quality university education in Turkey and Europe in general. Private universities in Turkey occupy positions among the best universities nationally and internationally.
  • As for registration and admission academic requirements, they are the high school certificate only, in contrast to the public universities, which need other requirements we will mention later.

The documents required to apply

  • A copy of your passport.
  • The high school graduation with the transcript obtained by the student in the academic subjects.
  • English proficiency certificate like “TOEFL”, which is required if you will study at the university in English. In case you don’t have an English proficiency certificate, you can take the English proficiency exam at the university, which will determine if you are eligible to study in English or not.
  • Recommendation letter, reference letter, or nomination letter in case you want to study for a master’s degree in a Turkish private university.

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How to apply to Turkish private universities

The admission process in Turkish private universities is not difficult as you can apply through our agency and get your acceptance for free. All you need to do is determine the major that you want to study and contact us. We will help you choose the best university in the major of your choice that is suitable to your budget. Additionally, the academic admission requirements are simple, unlike the public universities that require very specific documents.

Turkish government scholarship

The Turkish Government Scholarship is one of the most important scholarships in the Middle East. Turkish scholarship receives a large number of Arab students annually, as it is characterized by being fully funded by the Turkish government. It presents several study programs that are suitable for university education for students of all levels, and it offers

scholarships to bachelor students, master’s students, doctoral students, and researchers.

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Turkish Government Scholarship merits

Turkish scholarship is distinguished by several things which make it one of the best and most important scholarships presented to students in the Arab world. In Turkey, you can study in the best universities without bearing any cost from traveling for the first time till the end of the scholarship to studying and returning to your homeland with your college degree. The Turkish scholarship merits summarize in the following:

  • Turkish government scholarship covers travel costs from your country to Turkey and from Turkey to your country at the end of the study years.
  • The scholarship covers the residence and living costs and provides suitable accommodation for the student for the duration of the study.
  • The student obtains health insurance throughout the years of residence in Turkey.
  • The scholarship covers the Turkish language studying for one year before the beginning of studying your major.
  • The student receives a monthly stipend to cover his requirements.
  • You are granted a card that allows you to use public transportation in Turkey for free.
  • There are many Turkish long-standing universities that you can enroll in through the scholarship.

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Important information about studying in Turkey

  • Turkey is one of the best countries in which you can study easily without any complications as in the private universities that only require a high school certificate.
  • In case you receive a scholarship to study in Turkey, you will be granted health insurance, a card that exempts you from bearing the costs of transportation, and several other things.
  • In Turkey, many public universities are characterized by the quality of their education. There are also public universities with high global rankings.
  • Turkish public universities are internationally recognized.
  • The cost of studying in public universities is low compared to the rest of the world.
  • You can find out the application dates for Turkish public and private universities through the university's website.
  • Turkish public universities allow you to study in English, which prepares you to work in Europe easily and master the English language.
  • Public and private Turkish universities provide distinctive study programs in the field of medicine, taking into consideration the high competition for enrollment in one the medical study programs in public universities.
  • The programs of studying medicine in public universities are designed according to high standards and are subject to supervision by the Turkish government and the Ministry of Higher Education to ensure that the medical graduates are of a high degree of distinction.

That was a sum of all the important basic information you need to know before thinking about studying at any of the Turkish universities.

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