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Are you hesitant or unable to decide on your university path? Or did you select it or have a perception about it but would like to hear an expert opinion that increases your confidence in your choice?

 StudyFans are here to support and assist you with our full commitment

Where we adopt an approach that depends on providing advice with honesty and sincerity, as if we provide it to our children.

Consultation based on long experience, very many experiences, and distinguished relations with universities

To put our students not only on the right path but on the best path.

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career counselling program

Choosing an academic major is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life

Because you choose the major that  you will spend your career, and you will spend a lot of effort and time studying it

You have to make sure to choose it systematically.

  • Correct decisions are built on a correct methodology, then accompanied by God’s grace, which produces correct results.
  • There is no good or bad major. You choose the major because it is suitable for you, not because it is a good major.
  • There is a successful person and another unsuccessful person, so look for the specialization in which you succeed.
  • The main factor in choosing your major should be you, not the community or those around you.

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Securing university admissions

  •  We show the student all the available educational options after studying his file and information carefully, and we offer him a free consultation about the university that is most suitable for him according to his grades and financial capabilities.
  • During the application stage, we prepare the student’s file professionally, with all the file’s needs of translation or documentation according to the requirements of the desired universities to apply, and we support the file with all the letters of recommendation and letters of intent it needs in order to increase the student’s chances of admission to the targeted universities.
  •  Then we submit the file to the university in the correct form followed by each university, and we follow it up until the acceptance is issued.

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Securing school admissions

  • We show the family the different options available for student study, the available schools, and the differences between them in terms of language, educational system, and others.
  • Then, we prepare the student’s file professionally, with all the file’s translation or documentation needs, according to the school’s requirements.
  • We submit the file to the required school in the correct manner according to the system of each school, and we follow the development of the procedures until the acceptance is issued.

Preparatory Year

  • In order for the student to be able to enroll in universities in some countries such as Germany, Turkey, Malaysia, Britain, and others, he must pass a preparatory or foundation year between high school and university, especially for holders of Arab degrees.
  • Also, most universities around the world require that the student obtain a certificate of proficiency in the language in which he will study.
  • Our role at StudyFans is to help the student by providing various alternatives for him to pass the stage of preparation and qualification required to enter the university he desires, whether the required qualification is proficiency in a specific language, or passing an exam.

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Student housing

Turkey has many housing options, including luxury, medium, and economic.

We at StudyFans help the student to find the most suitable housing in terms of material and geographical (nearness to the university in which he is studying) and in terms of cleanliness, safety, and quietness, so that we guarantee him stability and focus on his studies.

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