Airport Pick-up

If this is your first visit to Turkey, we at StudyFans are happy to pick you up from the airport and wait for your arrival at one of Istanbul’s airports. Additionally, we drive you with a private car to at least a 4-star hotel or the place you want to reach.

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Hotel Reservation

Our team will book a 4-star hotel for the students before their arrival and arrange all the procedures in the hotel for the comfort of the students during their stay. The duration of the reservation will be 3 nights

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Students Housing and Meters Opening

We at StudyFans help our students find the most suitable student housing in terms of material and geographical aspects (near their universities) and in terms of hygiene, safety, and quietness. 

We also provide all information and pictures of the available student housing to ensure students’ stability and full focus on their studies. We also help students settle in their dormitories (open water, electricity, and gas meters).

Our team will assist the students and complete the basic service contract for the housing, as the lessor asks the lessee to open the housing meters as soon as they rent and before the student receives the residence permit. 

In this situation, we can help you complete the housing procedures and open the meters. Throughout the completion of the procedure and the implementation of the services, the student will be transported by car.

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Certificate Equivalence and Translation

We help you with translating the papers into Turkish and documenting them from the Turkish notary to complete the registration at the university (all papers shall be complete and documented externally from the country of graduation and do not include certification fees in embassies if requested). 

In addition to taking an appointment for certificate equivalency (Denklik), preparing your papers from the Turkish Higher Education, and ensuring the validity of the certificate. Throughout the implementation of the service, the students will be transported by car.

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University Registration

One of our employees will accompany you to the university to complete the registration, complete the fee payment process, and obtain the student’s document to help you complete all procedures that depend on the student’s document (applying for residence permits, issuing transportation cards, and opening a bank account). Throughout the implementation of this service, the students will be transported by car.

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Students Residence Permits

This service includes preparing the student's residence file and taking a residence appointment from the Immigration Department. In addition to paying the costs of tax and health insurance, and handing over the file to the student at the Immigration Department. Throughout the implementation of this service, the students will be transported by car.

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Transportation Card Issuance

Hand in hand, we take you to the municipal center to apply for and receive the discounted transportation card for students, so that you can move between public transportation in Istanbul comfortably and easily.

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SIM card

Getting a Turkish SIM card is one of the most important steps that you need to take once you arrive in Turkey, so that you can easily communicate with others. We will accompany you to buy a mobile line and choose the suitable internet packages for you.

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Residence Certificate and Opening a Bank Account for the Students

We provide all the papers required from the place of residence from a non-restricted zone so that the student can register their address. We also help in opening a bank account in one of the Turkish banks that the university deals with or any bank that you prefer.

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