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Electronics and Communications Engineering is considered one of the most diverse branches of engineering sciences; as it combines several engineering fields such as electronics, communications, as well as electrical engineering. Also, regarding the tremendous technological progress that the world is experiencing today, this major is one of the most prominent and important academic disciplines currently. It is also expected that there will be increasing demand for this major sharply in the next few years. 

In this article, we will briefly address most of the information needed to study communications and technology engineering in Turkey.

An overview of Electronics and Communications Engineering

The Electronics and Communications Engineering program is an engineering field that includes several fields such as: electrical, electronics, communications, computer, general engineering, physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

1- Electrical and electronics Engineering

  • It is one of the oldest engineering disciplines at all; as it began to appear in the late nineteenth century with the spread of the telegraph, generating stations, and power supply.
  • It specializes in the study of electrical sciences, electronics, and electromagnetic fields.
  • Also, regarding the development as well as the scientific and technological progress, the field expanded to include the study of energy, signal processing, automatic control systems, and wireless communications.

2- Electronic Engineering

  • Electronic Engineering includes several branches and different sciences.
  • Regarding what is included in the field of communications and electronics engineering, there are the sciences that specialize in the manufacture and development of devices; as well as the electronic components such as capacitors, transistors, and others.

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3- Communication Engineering

  • It is a branch of engineering that deals with all the issues related to digital and analog communications.
  • It sheds light on learning the methods of transmission of electrical and electromagnetic signals. Also, it discusses in detail the components of the communication system, which consists of a transmitter, a receiver, and a communication channel.
  • Sender: is the unit that receives the information, and then sends it through the channel.
  • Channel: It is the medium in which the signals are transmitted; for example, in the radio, the air is considered the carrier channel.
  • Receiver: It is the unit of receiving signals, and it removes the processing of the signals to appear in the form of information again.

نظرة عامة على دراسة هندسة الالكترونيات والاتصالات

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Objectives of studying Electronics Engineering programs and Engineering in Turkey

One of the most important objectives of the Electronics and Communications Engineering program in Turkey is to achieve several accomplishments such as:

  • Graduating students with a strong background in basic science and mathematics.
  • The ability of problem-solving through analytical thinking in their own fields or related areas.
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Graduating students with a strong ethical and professional responsibility as well as commitment to quality.
  • The ability to take individual responsibility and work as a member of a team.
  • Graduating engineers who are able to successfully use global engineering tools and methods.
  • Designing and implementing new communication methods and tools.
  • The ability to follow up technological and scientific developments in the field of engineering and basic science.
  • Enable graduate students to design, install and operate electronic and communication devices, as well as perform periodic maintenance.
  • Providing consulting services to companies operating for this purpose or companies that use electronic technologies and communications widely.
  • Providing consulting services to companies in the industry that do business in the field of electronics and communications or use electronic and communications devices widely.
  • Gaining a competent scientific production force to design new electronic devices.

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subjects of Electronics and Communications Engineering

In this section, there are elective courses suitable for the student's interests in various branches such as devices, electronic circuits, communication and information systems, and signal processing. Students can specialize in their field by taking these elective courses.

  • Maths.
  • linear algebra.
  • Introduction to electronics and communications engineering.
  • Introduction to computers.
  • Essentials of electrical circuits.
  • Introduction to engineering applications.
  • computer programming.
  • differential equations.
  • Digital design.
  • Microprocessor.
  • Electromagnetic field theory.
  • Signals and systems.
  • Introduction to control systems.
  • Electromagnetic wave theory.
  • data structures.
  • Measurement and electronic devices.
  • Scientific research methods.
  • Engineering ethics.
  • Programmable integrated circuits.
  • Image Processing.
  • Digital signal processing devices.
  • Programs and programming languages.
  • Graphical programming techniques.
  • Software development techniques.

 Students can choose these courses according to their interests. Regardless of professional courses, there are also project assignments and internship opportunities.

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Duration of studying Electronics and Communications Engineering in Turkey

The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering is a 4-year undergraduate department. However, at universities that offer preparatory foreign language education (1-year preparatory class of English language), the period of education increases to 5 years.

Communications and electronics engineering majors in Turkey

A student seeking a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering in Turkey can choose from several specialized fields such as:

  •  Telecommunications and networks.
  •  Sensors.
  •  Media processing.
  •  Computing technologies.

أهداف دراسة هندسة الاتصالات والالكترونيات في تركيا

Job titles for graduates of Communications and Electronics Engineering

After completing the four years of study, the graduate obtains the title of Communications and Electronics Engineer, and there are many fields and specializations in which he works, such as the field of mobile networks, networks, programming, and medical devices. The following is an overview of some job titles for Communications and Electronics Engineers:

Site Maintenance Engineer

  • It is one of the specializations that is related to the field of mobile networks.
  • The engineer is responsible for the maintenance of the cell towers that allow the access of the mobile network to the neighboring area, and handling any malfunctions that may occur there.

Planning Engineer

  • It is also one of the specializations related to the field of mobile networks.
  • It specializes in preparing the necessary planning for building a mobile network with high efficiency and coverage to the largest extent.
  • It identifies the places that are suitable for the establishment of new mobile towers, as well as the places that need new updates.

Test Engineer

  • It is also one of the specializations related to the field of mobile networks.
  • It is concerned with collecting data necessary to reach a stable mobile network, through field visits to the sites of mobile towers, and taking technical measurements for those networks.

Process Engineer

  • It is also one of the specializations related to the field of mobile networks.
  • The process engineer completes the work of the test engineer by taking the data and information he has collected, then processing, evaluating, and making more tests on them.

Network Engineer

  • It is one of the specializations that is related to the field of networks, and it is one of the major fields that specializes in everything related to networks and network protection.
  • Job duties and workplaces for communications engineers vary according to experience and number of years of work.
  • The junior engineer works in small companies and training centers, while the experienced engineer works in large companies in the field of ISP or the so-called Internet Service Provider.

Network security Engineer

  • It is one of the very important and sensitive specializations in the field of networks. It is responsible for network security and sensitive information to protect it from penetration attempts. Therefore, this specialization requires great experience in the field of networks.
  • The CCIE or CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert certification is one of the most important certifications required for telecommunications engineers to work in the field of network security.

Instrumentation and Control Engineer

  • It is the specialization that is responsible for the various measuring devices in the factories, such as measurements of pressures, temperatures, densities, level, flow rates, and others.
  • Also, the specialized engineer is responsible for controlling the valves and gates that control the production lines in the factories.
  • The specialized engineer must follow the instructions of industrial security, due to the seriousness of the work he is carrying out, as he deals with dangerous chemicals, and high temperatures up to 2000 degrees Celsius.

Control systems Engineer

  • He is the engineer responsible for control systems in large factories.
  • It uses the DCS distributed control system to deal with the large number of signals inside the major factories.
  • The control systems engineer can also play a software role, by programming the DCS when adding new circuits to production lines.

Programming and Electronics Engineer

  • It is the specialization that is concerned with the manufacture of electronic circuits. The most important disciplines associated with it are the Electronics, the Microcontroller, the Analog Design, and the Digital Design.
  • This field also includes the programming engineer; In which the specialized engineer creates aid programs for the work of electronic circuits through software companies.

Medical Devices Engineer

  • It is related to the field of maintaining medical devices in hospitals and medical centers.

Fields of work for Communications and Electronics Engineers

As we noted in the previous paragraph, there are many tasks and job titles for graduates of Communications and Electronics Engineering. Therefore, the job opportunities available to them are abundant in various institutions, bodies, and companies such as:

  • Electronic production companies.
  • Manufacturers of telephone and telecommunications systems.
  • Companies manufacturing electrical appliances.
  • Internet networks, and Internet services.
  • Military communications, and electronic centers.
  • Hospitals and medical centers.
  • Job opportunities in the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering in Turkey
  • Graduates from the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering obtain the title of engineer. Electronics and communications engineers have scientific technical knowledge about the design, development and production of electronic systems and communication systems as mentioned above.

Students who graduate from the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering in Turkey can work in private and public institutions, and we can list some of the business fields for graduates of this department as follows:

  • Work in Information Technology
  • Project Design
  • Safety Technologies
  • sound systems
  • Software applications
  • Research and development activities
  • Electronic product sales and marketing
  • Technology companies
  • Internet service providers
  • Communication system manufacturers
  • Telephone system operators
  • Military electronics and communications sector
  • International Manufacturer Representatives
  • Data transmission operators
  • Radio and television organizations
  • They can work in organizations such as banks or the IT departments of large companies.

Communications and Electronics Engineers Salary in Turkey

The salary, of course, varies according to experience, seniority, and place of work, but in general, the monthly income of communications and electronics engineers in Turkey ranges from approximately 7000 liras to approximately 12,000 liras.

The most famous universities and their cost to study Electronics and Communications Engineering in Turkey

Here we have come to the most searched section among those wishing to apply to study Electronics and Communications Engineering in Turkey. In this part of the article, we will explain the most famous and best universities in Turkey to study Electronics and Communications Engineering, in addition to the approximate cost of each, according to the latest and constantly updated data received by us.

Before presenting the universities, we would like to point out that there are a number of universities in Turkey that offer studies in English, and some of them are in Turkish. As shown thus:










Istanbul Yeniyüzyıl















Ostim Teknik









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Conditions and requirements for admission to the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering in Turkey

International students can apply directly to undergraduate programs to study electronics and communications engineering at universities in Turkey by fulfilling some or all of the following requirements and documents:

  • A copy of your high school diploma (if it is in a language other than Turkish or English, a notarized translation must be submitted). 
  • An official transcript showing all courses and grades obtained in the entire secondary education
  • A copy of the passport.
  • A passport-style photo.

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Finally, the electronics and communications engineering major is one of the most important engineering disciplines that is in high demand day by day in various institutions, companies, and bodies around the world. So, do not miss the opportunity, dear student, and hurry up to apply and register through the StudyFans platform in order to get opportunities for a successful career in the future.

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