Management Information System Study in Turkey (MIS)
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A management information system is currently one of the best and great programs to study in Turkish universities. It is also considered one of the future disciplines around the world. Therefore, anyone with little computer science knowledge is highly qualified to study this specialization.

Management Information Systems is one of the essential specializations in the modern era because it combines management technology with information in a unified framework. It aims to develop current administrative systems using modern technology to support the decision-making process and control and analyze information in the work system. 

This article will discuss all the essential information about Turkey's management information systems study.

Overview of Management Information Systems Specialization

It is one of the modern technological specializations that combines information systems technology and management sciences in a unified framework.
• It aims to establish and develop computer management information systems to improve the performance of departments in various institutions and bodies.
• The management information consists of five main components: hardware, software, data, processes, and the workforce that represents the human element.
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Importance of Management Information Systems Specialization

Management information systems (MIS) is one of today's most critical modern specializations. The importance of this specialization for companies and institutions lies in:

• Providing basic and necessary information for management at all internal and external levels.

• Increasing the ability to acquire competitive skills and perform competitive tasks with less cost and time.

• Helping managers positively to make various decisions.

• Improving corporate operational efficiency, producing and innovating new products.

• Planning and communication between different departments through computer systems.

• Saving time to complete essential and significant tasks and reducing the time of minor and routine tasks such as data entry and other trivial tasks.

Specializations associated with Management Information Systems

There are many specializations and courses associated with management information systems, such as:

• Business Management.

• Operations and Production Management.

• Human Resource Management.

• Database Management.

• Network management and Information Security.

• Finance, Accounting, and Marketing.

• E-Marketing.

• Business and International Trade.

• Economics and Entrepreneurship.

• Applications of IT Tools.

• New Communication Technologies.

• Algorithm and Advanced Programming.

• Operations Research.

• Business Software Development.

• Design and Analysis of Systems.

• Electronic Business.

• Electronic Communications and Business Networks.

• Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems.

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Duration of Management Information Systems Study in Turkey

• Management information systems programs are available in most Turkish universities for four years with eight semesters.

• The students, upon completing the required years of study, will obtain a "Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems" with "management information systems specialist" as the job title.

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Syllabus of the Management Information Systems Program at Turkish Universities

The syllabus differs from one university to another. However, it includes the following courses in general:

First Academic Year

• Turkish Language and Literature.
• Global in general Values ​​and Ethics.
• Human History.
• Computer Technology.
• Mathematics and Arithmetic Thinking.
• Financial Accounting.
• Introduction to Entrepreneurship.
• Introduction to Algorithm Design and Programming.

Second Academic Year 

• Statistics.
• Design and Analysis of Systems.
• Financial Accounting.
• Linear and Applied Algebra.
• Basics of Information Technology.
• Management Processes.
• Management Skills.
• Data, Intelligence, and Real Life.

Third Academic Year 

• Data Extraction and Analysis.
• Design and Analysis of Information Systems.
• Financial and Social Sciences.
• Decision Support Systems.
• Information Security.
• Server-side Programming.

Fourth Academic Year 

• Managing Innovations and IT Projects.
• Electronic Commerce Systems.
• Preparing graduation project with thesis.


Stages of Studying Management Information Systems Program

After presenting the syllabus of the management information systems specialization in Turkey, we will explain in some detail the practical steps to be followed by students during their studies:

• This specialization aims primarily to educate the students about business administration and management information systems.

• At the beginning, students must be familiar with computer technology and management.

• The student initially studies the concepts of computer technologies such as programming, web design, and database management, in addition to various management concepts such as economics, commerce, accounting, and finance.

• After that, the student begins to learn the concepts of systems development, design mechanisms, information technology management, and electronic trading.

• The practical skills of students are developed along with theoretical knowledge through projects and laboratory work.

• Upon completing this program, the student becomes eligible to conduct research and work in management information systems, knowledge management, business computing, systems development methodologies, databases and data mining, and information retrieval.

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Most Important Universities to Study Management Information Systems in Turkey

Most Turkish private and public universities offer management information systems programs. Therefore, the most important universities to study this program are given as follows:

First: Private Universities 3

Management information systems programs are available in many private universities, most notably:

Istanbul Gelişim University, Turkish medium of instruction, $3,500 

Istinye university, English medium of instruction, $4,320

Medipol University, English medium of instruction, $4,960

Nişantaşı University, English medium of instruction, $2,950

Yeditepe University, English medium of instruction, $10,500

Özyeğin University, English medium of instruction, $8,400 

Işık University, Turkish and English medium of instruction, $3,600 

Second: Public Universities 

Many public universities offer management information systems programs at a lower price than private ones. These public universities include:

• Universities of Ataturk, Dokuz Eylul, Bursa Uludağ, Izmir, Sakarya, and Adnan Menderes. These universities offer the program with a Turkish medium of instruction.

• Ankara Yıldırım and İzmir Bakırçay universities afford the program with an English medium of instruction.

• Marmara University also allows students to study management information systems in German and English.

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Jobs Opportunities for Management Information Systems Graduates

Many job opportunities are available for graduates of the Management Information Systems Department in various administrative and technical disciplines, such as:

• Work as an analyst and manager of information systems in companies and various bodies.

• Work in all information technology-based bodies and institutions.

• Work in the quality of information systems field.

• Work as a statistician in the field of data entry and analysis.

• Work in the field of programming and evaluating software.

• Work in the field of data entry in banks.

• Work in electronic commerce.

• Worked as a database administrator in companies and institutions.

• Worked as an academic lecturer for computer subjects in different universities.


Job Duties of Management Information Systems Specialists in Turkey

The job duties of MIS specialists include:

• Design and update various databases.

• Design and develop websites.

• Collect and analyze data related to various systems.

• Examination and evaluation of multiple programming software.

• Conducting statistical and analytical studies on the system as a whole.

• Follow up on electronic devices such as computers and printers and fix their technical malfunctions.

• Mastering "STEM" skills where STEM is an abbreviation for four different skills: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.



Salary of Management Information Systems Graduates in Turkey

• The Salaries vary according to experience and job title. However, the average annual stipend of management information systems graduates is approximately 153,000 Turkish Lira.

Finally, this article sheds light on the importance of studying management information systems in Turkey. As it combines two essential elements of present-time, i.e., information and management, the management information systems is one of the most critical specializations in the current era. Therefore, the main objective of this specialization is to develop the current administration systems using the appropriate modern technology, which in turn influences the decisions made by managers and officials to promote their institutions.


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