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There is no doubt that we live today in the age of the Internet, digital transformation, and technological progress, in all fields. Therefore, engineering disciplines related to computer science have become at the forefront of university disciplines required across the world, and on top of these disciplines comes the specialization of information systems engineering. In this article, we will briefly tackle the important information about studying this very important specialization in Turkey.

What is Information Systems science?

The science of information systems is the science that is concerned with collecting data, storing and dealing with it to convert it into information that is used by all international institutions and companies.

  • Data is currently the most important treasure that all international companies and major countries are racing to obtain the largest amount of it.
  • From here comes the importance of this specialization in the current era, the importance of its study, and its relevance to technological progress in the current era.

What is The Information Systems Engineering specialization?

  • It is one of the branches of engineering, which includes several different sciences to study how to design and manage complex engineering systems.
  • The major covers all topics related to the analysis, design, and development of information systems, and is the bridge between management and computer science.
  • The specialization also includes technical and human branches, such as control engineering, industrial engineering, mechatronics, and project management.

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Objectives of Information Systems Engineering

 The information systems program aims to educate engineers in the specialty as follows:

  • Studying the different techniques used in information management, computer systems, and digital technology.
  • Learn how to manage organizations' needs for operational and tactical information, design, and reporting for data collection and processing.
  • Transforming large and complex operations into simple, easy, and understandable ones.
  • To form a sufficient scientific background in mathematics, physics, computer sciences, and engineering methods necessary for the development of information systems.
  • Develop their abilities to communicate verbally and in writing regarding information technology during the stages of system development and operation.
  • Scientifically directing information technology to meet the needs of society within international standards.

Information Systems Specialization in Turkey

Information systems major is one of the distinguished and modern fields of study, and Turkey is one of the best options available to study this major, for the following reasons:

  • Availability of distinguished laboratories, equipped with the latest computers, dedicated to the study of information systems in many Turkish universities.
  • Providing the possibility of practical practice of specialization with the help of university professors from different countries around the world.
  • Turkish universities prepare their students for distinguished jobs in the field of information systems by providing them, during the years of study, with all the information related to the world of business and computer science.
  • Student exchange programs are available in most Turkish universities, enabling students to complete their studies abroad; thus, gaining more experience and knowledge related to this specialty around the world.

Study of information systems in Turkish universities

Many Turkish universities, especially private universities, offer information systems engineering programs, and this specialization is known in Turkish as Bilişim Sistemleri. The duration of the study is 4 years, in addition to a preparatory year for language learning. The following are the most important universities that teach specialization.

Studying information systems in private universities in Turkey

There is a specialization in information systems in private Turkish universities in many universities, including:

Istanbul Aydın, Beykent, Medpol, Atlim, Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus International, Near East, Kadir Has, Altinbash, and Ozyegin.







Eastern Mediterranean 











Study information systems in public universities in Turkey

Also, the Information Systems in public universities are available in the following universities:

Istanbul Technical, Kocaeli, Sakarya, and Mugla Sedki Kuchman.

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What are the advantages of studying information systems in Turkey?

There are many upsides associated with studying the Information Systems major in Turkey, including:

  • Availability of job opportunities in the private and governmental sectors on a large scale.
  • Possibility to work independently.
  • High average salaries, as information systems engineering is one of the highest paid in the various engineering disciplines.

What are the disadvantages of studying information systems in Turkey?

On the other hand, there are some downsides associated with studying information systems in Turkey. The most important of it is the difficulty of studying, the long working hours, as well as the competition with other disciplines that do the same work, such as Computer Engineering and Software.

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What are the curricula prescribed in the specialization of information systems in Turkey?

The study lasts for 4 years over 8 semesters. After that, the student obtains a diploma in Information Systems Engineering, and thus the job title of the graduate becomes "Information Systems Engineer". The following are the courses of the Department of Information Systems Engineering in Turkish universities:

  • Software engineering and computer programming.
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Digital logic design.
  • Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra.
  • Electrical circuits.
  • Discrete computing technologies.
  • Signals and regulations.
  • Communication systems, and electronics.
  • Object-oriented programming.
  • Mathematical methods of geometry.
  • Microprocessor and digital signal processing.
  • Statistics methods, and probability.
  • Operating systems and database management.
  • Data communications, and computer networks.

Information Systems Engineers Jobs in Turkey

Information systems graduates can work in various fields of programming, design, development of information systems, and project management. The following are the most prominent jobs available in Turkey for information systems engineers:

  • Designer and developer of websites and web.
  • Analyst for business systems and database.
  • Manager for websites, networks, and the Internet.
  • Communications network designer.
  • E-commerce agent.
  • Manager of computer labs.
  • Technical support and systems support.
  • Consultant, or manager of information systems projects.

Specialty engineers can also work in places that provide software services such as ministries, factories, schools, universities, banks, and various insurance companies.

What are the job tasks of Information Systems Engineers?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, information systems graduates are available to work in various places and bodies, but in general, the job tasks and duties of information systems engineers are limited to:

  • Design and development of computer networks, and network management.
  • Work as a computer systems expert in the field of hardware and software.
  • Work as an analyst and system programmer.
  • Design database systems and develop the necessary programs for that.
  • Develop computer programs by working on new operating systems.
  • Determine the work required from the computer or the problem to be solved by the computer.
  • Operate the equipment and correct its deficiencies when needed.
  • Prepare the necessary software for the hardware and link it to various other computer units.
  • Programming and creation of various applications and web applications.
  • Design and operate the information systems of the authority or the institution in which they work.
  • Replace old operating systems with more advanced ones.
  • Establish software and software development standards.

What is the salary of IT engineers in Turkey?

  • The salaries of information systems graduates in Turkey vary according to experience and field of work.
  • But in general, salaries range from 18,000₺ to 41,000₺ per month.
  • Specialized engineers can also work in a stable, or through freelance platforms around the world.

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Finally, the information systems engineering major is one of the most prominent and best engineering disciplines that are appropriate and keep pace with the current era. It is also the best in terms of financial compensation. In addition, Turkey is one of the best options available to study this major due to the efficiency and quality of education in it, and the availability of job opportunities there after graduation.

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