Studying Industrial engineering in Turkey
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Industrial engineering is considered one of the best engineering specializations and the most sought among students. Turkish universities have been distinguished by their high-quality syllabi and study programs. These syllabi are rich and cover all important topics to keep pace with European ones.

Industrial Engineering programs in Turkey aim to graduate globally competitive engineers to work in the production and service sectors and initiate and develop new businesses. Students will be well-versed in related sectors and able to establish new businesses. Therefore, this program contains several cores and elective courses that are not limited to decision-making and entrepreneurship.

Importance of Industrial Engineering Study in Turkey

The importance of studying the industrial engineering specialization in Turkey lies in linking scientific knowledge with practical implementation enabling the graduates to analyze humans, machines, equipment, and other elements in the industrial and service sectors. Turkish universities also provide training for students to deal with problems in industry and find solutions by developing systems, models, and planning, organizing, implementing, and auditing methods in all sectors.

• Industrial engineers face the challenge of optimally combining humanmaterial, and financial resources with knowledge and information. Therefore, the courses of industrial engineering colleges focus on the behavioral management sciences, computer science, human resources, social sciences, and communication skills to strengthen their students with a proper understanding of improving products and services.

• Industrial engineering colleges in Turkey improve the interaction skills of their students with other specializations to enable them to work in complex and technically challenging scientific environments throughout their careers.

• The educational objectives of the industrial engineering specialization are to have graduates working in national/international companies, production of goods/services, or in higher education institutions or research institutes that benefit from the gained skills during their industrial engineering education.

• Industrial Engineering graduates can occupy engineering, operation, and management positions in national and international companies in the areas of design, control, and management of production and service systems.

• Industrial Engineering graduates can also work in leading academic and research institutions.

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Duration of Industrial Engineering Study in Turkey

  • The duration of studying industrial engineering is four years.
  • Industrial engineering syllabi are available in English and Turkish medium of instruction.
  •  The admitted students should appear for the language level determination test according to the language of the study.
  •  If the student does not achieve the required level for the study, an additional period will be given to study the language and clear the test.

advantages of studying industrial engineering in turkey

Advantages of Studying Industrial Engineering in Turkey

Possessing enough knowledge of mathematicsscience, and engineering topics of the program

• The use of gained theoretical and applied knowledge in complex engineering problems.

• Selecting and applying appropriate analysis and modeling methods for this purpose.

• Possessing knowledge of engineering applications standards and in the effective use of information technologies.

• Implementation of modern design techniques.

• Awareness of the legal consequences of engineering solutions and understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

• Effective communication in Turkish and English by oral, written, graphic and technological means.

• Having ethical principles, professional responsibility, and knowledge of engineering applications standards.

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Skills of Students to Study Industrial Engineering in Turkey

The capability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering

• The capability to design and conduct experiments and to analyze and interpret data

• Enough knowledge in mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering courses.

• The capability to solve problems.

• High skills in the use of computers and design software.

• The capability to make wise and quick decisions.

• The capability to make good presentations.

Acquired Capabilities during Industrial Engineering Study in Turkey

 Knowledge of the core outputs and outcomes of the College of Industrial Engineering

• The capability to design a system, component, or process to meet the needs with realistic parameters.

• The capability to work cooperatively with teams of multiple specializations.

• The capability to specify, formulate and solve engineering problems.

• The capability to communicate effectively.

• The capability to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.

• The capability to engage in lifelong learning, and an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

• The capability to acquire knowledge of contemporary issues in the fields of industrial engineering.

• The capability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

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Courses of Industrial Engineering at Turkish Universities

First academic year

• Introduction to Industrial Engineering

• Social Responsibility and Ethics

• Information Technology

• Physics

• Calculus

• Computer-Aided Drawing

• General Chemistry

• Algorithm and Introduction to Programming

Second academic year

• Numerical Analysis

• Linear Algebra

• Probability and Statistics

• Introduction to Economics

• Introduction to Mathematical Optimization

• Factory locations

• Modern Physics

• Manufacturing Processes

• Operations Research

• Differential Equations

• Research and Report Writing Techniques

Third academic year

• Engineering Economics

• Production Planning and Control

• Financial Accounting

• Modeling in Industrial Engineering

• Work Placement

• Quality Management

• Human Resource Management

• Occupational Health and Safety

• Design an Engineering Experiment

• Management Information Systems

Fourth academic year

• Supply Chain Management

• Study of Work and Work Environment

• Entrepreneurship

• Design of Industrial Engineering 

• International Trade

• Project Management

• Graduation Project

Areas of Work and Jobs for Industrial Engineering Graduates in Turkey

Work in all areas of industry and product development, from product design to the implementation process

• Manufacturing Engineer

• Maintenance Manager

• Quality Control

• Production Planner

• In the field of industrial planning

• In the field of production (products and services improvement)

• In the field of development (profitability, effectiveness, productivity, flexibility, and sensitivity)

• Quality areas (delivering higher quality)

• Supervising and developing agricultural and industrial machinery.

• Working in engineering workshops

• Working in energy management and industrial facilities

• Financial Services Sectors

• Health Services

• Intellectual services (consulting, communications and information technology, education)

• Academic fields, postgraduate studies

Best Turkish Universities to Study Industrial Engineering and their Tuition Fees

Altinbaş University3,000$

Istanbul Okan University4560$

Istanbul Medipol University4500$

Istinye University5400$

Bahçeşehir University7900$

Nişantaşı University2450$

Istanbul Gelişim University3500$

Yeditepe University12,500$

Isik University4500$

Istanbul Arel University2950$

Atilim University9800$

Istanbul Bilgi University6600$

Istanbul Aydin University5000$

• Maltepe University, 3250$

Özyeğin University8400$

Expenses of Industrial Engineering Study in Turkish Universities

Expenses of Industrial Engineering in Turkish Public Universities 

The expenses of studying industrial engineering in public universities range between 100$-1200$.

Expenses of Industrial Engineering in Turkish Private Universities

The expenses of studying industrial engineering in private universities range between 2450$-9800$.

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Admission Requirements to Study Industrial Engineering in Turkey

  • General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and Transcripts certified and translated into English or Turkish.
  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • A recent personal photograph with white background.
  • Students seeking to study industrial engineering at Turkish public universities must have a minimum average of 75% of the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).
  • Students seeking to study industrial engineering at Turkish private universities must have a minimum average of 60% of the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).
  • Public universities require passing the YÖS exam or the American SAT 
  • Students seeking to study in English must submit a TOEFL certificate or pass the language test specified by each university
  • Students seeking to study in Turkish must submit a certificate of clearing the TÖMER exam

Master of Industrial Engineering Study in Turkey

The objective of the master's program in industrial engineering is to develop basic industrial engineering knowledge and skills, particularly in planning and design of production and operations, quantitative analysis, simulation and optimization, and integrated systems design.

Documents and Admission Requirements for Master's Program in Industrial Engineering in Turkey

  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • Personal photograph.
  • Student email (email address)
  • Phone number
  • A copy of the bachelor's degree with Transcripts
  • General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) with Transcripts (some universities)
  • TOEFL certificate (some universities)
  • If the student seeks to study in Turkish, a copy of the Turkish language proficiency certificate from the Language Center (TÖMER) and certified by a notary public is required.

These are the required documents for admission to the master's program in Turkey. However, some universities may request additional documents.

Requirements to Award a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering in Turkey

• The researcher must prepare and successfully defend his thesis.

• The expected duration for completing a master's degree is two years (4 semesters). The maximum duration is six semesters.

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