What is the major of Interior Architecture in Turkey?
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In a previous article, we talked about interior design specialization, and in this article, we will discuss interior architecture specialization and the difference between them.

The concept of interior architecture and decorations emerged with the human desire for urbanization and due to the need of humans to show well-being and development. As a result, the term "interior decoration" started to be used, and urban designs emerged and developed in the middle of the twentieth century.

Difference between Interior Design and Interior Architecture

The architect's task is to design the house from the inside and outside, including locating electricity and lighting, plumbing, and determining the type of flooring.

Once completed, the interior designer’s task begins by choosing the furniture, the type of textiles, the color of the paint, the wallpaper, and other aesthetic details to highlight the work of the architect.

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Importance of Interior Architecture 

  1.  The task of the interior architecture graduates is to exploit the interior spaces of the buildings as well as add an artistic touch to the place.
  2.  The significant urban development of various industrial, commercial, touristic, and residential facilities has increased the need for this specialization to provide the best designs to exploit spaces and the best aesthetic touch that gives comfort.
  3.  Economic institutions are interested in the interior design of their offices, as good design is one of the reasons to attract customers.

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Why Study Interior Architecture?

Interior architecture, with its courses, opens up broad horizons for creativity to develop and refine your innate talent.

As it is a diverse discipline that combines modern arts, interior architecture specialization has gained fame among students from different backgrounds other than engineering.

  •  A unique opportunity to hone talents and develop creativity.
  •  Several job opportunities with various choices.
  •  There is no fixed work routine with different daily tasks.
  •  Highly paid income
  •  Good social position 

Interior Architecture Courses in Turkey

Interior Architecture Courses in Turkey

Students joining the department of interior architecture will study several theoretical and practical courses:

  • Technical drawing - drawing by computer
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD)
  • Color and Textures
  • Conceptual Curricula in Interior Design
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Materials and Production Techniques for Furniture Design
  • Interion Creative Production Techniques and Materials 
  • Computer Modeling
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Interior Architecture Project Management
  • Professional and portfolio Practices

Thus, the students will be eligible to attend other courses during their 8-term education. Those who complete these courses are entitled to obtain a "Diploma of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design" and the title of "Interior Architect and Environmental Designer."

Duration of studying interior architecture in Turkey 

The duration of studying interior architecture is four years under the faculties of architecture as this specialization is concerned with the interior design of facilities and all kinds of architectural works.

Required Capabilities of Interior Architecture Student 

The interior engineering student should have the following capabilities along with talent and creativity:

  • Creative sense and innate talent.
  • The ability to organize, especially time management.
  • The ability to self-develop and to work in a team.

Interior Architecture Courses in Turkey

Advantages of Studying Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in Turkey

The advantages of studying Interior Architecture and Environmental Design can be given as follows:

  •  Enormous Job opportunities.
  •  Work independently.
  •  Work on multiple projects.
  •  The high financial return due to working as a freelancer or as part of a particular organization.

Disadvantages of studying Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in Turkey

  •  The high number of graduates each year.
  •  The low number of universities.
  •  It is similar to other specializations in some practical aspects.

Job Opportunities for Architecture and Environmental Design Graduates in Turkey

Public and private institutions welcome all graduates of interior architecture and environmental design where they can work at

  • Home decoration companies.
  • Brands of interior decoration.
  • Contracting firms.
  • Architectural consulting firms.
  • Building decoration companies.
  • Working in the academic field and pursuing postgraduate studies in Turkey.
  •  Open their offices and conduct practical workshops.

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Job Opportunities in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department in Turkey

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department Salaries in Turkey 

The salaries of interior architecture and environmental design graduates vary between government and private institutions. These salaries range between 44.140₺-148,300₺ every month

Costs of Interior Architecture Study in Turkey

The tuition fees for studying interior architecture in Turkish universities are comparatively affordable compared to other countries. It is between $1950 and $15,000 in private universities. In the case of scholarship, the students can be awarded a full or part grant based on the type of the scholarship.

Best Turkish Universities to Study Interior Architecture and Environmental Design 

The fees of studying interior architecture vary not only from one university to another but also according to the faculty in which you will study as several faculties offer it.

University & Faculties






Istanbul Medipol 

 (Faculty of Architecture and Design)





Istanbul Gelişim ( Faculty of Architecture and Design)





Istanbul Bilgi ( Faculty of Architecture and Design)



Istanbul Aydin ( Faculty of Architecture and Design)



Beykent (the Faculty of Engineering)





Istanbul Gedik ( the Faculty of Fine Arts)



Istanbul Topkapi (the Faculty of Fine Arts)



 $4000 (vocational schools)

Istanbul Kent (the Faculty of Architecture and Design)



Ostim (the Faculty of Architecture and Design)



Istanbul Kültür (the Faculty of Architecture and Design)





Istanbul Atlas ( the Faculty of Engineering)



Conditions for studying interior architecture in Turkey and the duration of the study 

Turkey has inspiring architectural buildings with attractive interior design, mainly located in the cities of Istanbul and Bursa. Therefore, no wonder that Turkey has the leading universities in interior architecture and interior design fields.

One of the essential requirements to study interior architecture is to have a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) with a minimum average of 50%. There is no need to clear any international exams. However, before starting the registered program, you should attend the English or Turkish language preparatory year.

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