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Who hasn’t heard yet that artificial intelligence (AI) is the future? Actually, it is the present we are living in. There is almost no industry currently operating without the help of AI. It has facilitated many jobs in many fields. It has even created new fields to keep up with the innovation that is spreading worldwide.

Artificial intelligence has changed our perspective on the world. Many people might be using it without actually making the most of it. Nowadays, you can easily get into the AI sector by getting a university education in the department. Seize the opportunity to study artificial intelligence in Turkey and start this innovative journey.

What does artificial intelligence mean?

AI is all around us. It is in our homes and in the every-day lives of each and every one of us. Artificial intelligence in daily use is the assistants on our phones, the robot machines, and the tools online that make our lives easier.

Artificial intelligence means having intelligent machines or software. Those machines are not thinking creatively or outside the box. It is unlike the natural intelligence of humans; instead, it is just trying to imitate human intelligence. 

People created artificial intelligence as a way to make machines facilitate mundane jobs that require little or no creativity. Having these tasks done by AI helps people focus more on being creative and finishing tasks in a faster and more efficient way.

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How will artificial intelligence change the future?

Our future will not be the same as the present. With the help of AI in many fields of life, work is being done so much faster. Having AI take care of the basic tasks that used to consume our mental energy allows us to direct this wasted mental energy towards creative thinking in the needed fields.

For example, jobs that require so much concentration on little details are now done more efficiently with AI. The amount of time spent working on these tasks now can be repurposed towards greater tasks. People will use their human touch of creativity and empathy to do things that the AI can’t do.

Analysis also adds a lot of mental load to people who work in those professions, which require them to go through plenty of data in order to conclude an analysis. AI will greatly contribute to the innovation of emerging technologies. It will significantly change how many sectors operate. Scientific discovery and research are going to grow vastly.

Automation through AI can also be widely used, especially after work hours. It could increase customer satisfaction with fast responses that are always available all day.

Why study artificial intelligence?

AI is changing the world and people’s perspectives. Going into the field of artificial intelligence allows you to be ahead of your time. When you study a field like AI, you go to the roots of it. You understand everything related to it to the point that you are able to enhance it with your creative ideas, and you are able to be innovative in your specialization.

Artificial intelligence is currently in high demand, along with all the jobs related to its field. AI is a wide sector. Nowadays, all the different industries are trying to keep up with the rapid changes. By going into this field, you are opening yourself up to a wide variety of opportunities. You will be able to work in any industry you desire.

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Where to study artificial intelligence?

The spread of AI all around the world has led to an increased demand for professionals who deeply understand it. Study at the best universities for artificial intelligence in Turkey, where you can ensure the quality of education. There, you can easily start learning the specialization that you are interested in.

There are two similar departments for AI in Turkey where you can study this field. The first is the artificial intelligence department. This department studies AI locally and internationally. You can learn about AI and all of its capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence Department

The artificial intelligence department in Turkey is available as a master’s degree at these reputable universities. Some universities offer this department in English, while others offer it in Turkish.

The second department is the artificial intelligence engineering department. The artificial intelligence engineering department is branching from the computer engineering department. You can study AI more in depth and learn about how AI is related to other sciences. It focuses more on the knowledge of creating AI systems. 

Artificial Intelligence Engineering department 

  • Bahçeşehir University (English) (Bachelor)

  • Near East University (English) (Bachelor)

  • Cyprus International University (English) (Bachelor)

  • Cyprus health and social science university (English) (Bachelor)

  • OSTIM Teknik University (Turkish) (Bachelor)

Get higher education in the language you prefer English or Turkish 

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for high-quality education with reasonable fees. Get your education in artificial intelligence engineering from Turkey. Whether it is a bachelor’s degree or a master's, you know that the whole world is in high demand for such knowledge.

Is artificial intelligence a good career?

Working in AI, you get to choose what industry to work in. Most companies in all different industries are looking for experts in AI to work with. The demand is widely increasing nowadays to keep up with the latest trends. You can get paid well for working in the field, starting from entry-level jobs up to experts. 

There are a wide range of career paths available for you after graduation. Don’t miss the opportunity, and start your education in the career of the future.

In order to keep up with innovation, we must make our own mark. Study artificial intelligence in Turkey to be a part of this revolutionary change. Start your university education journey in the trusted hands of StudyFans. We help you with all you need for registration in Turkish universities. We support your dream by facilitating the way to reach it.

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