Guide to Study Architecture in Turkey
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If your dream is to be an architect, then studying architecture in Turkey is the right choice for you. Many Turkish institutes will help you achieve your dreams of becoming a certified architect from the YOK (Council of Higher Education) in Turkey and Europe.

In this article, we will present the best universities to study architecture in Turkey, plus general information about the architecture department, and tuition fees in Turkey, as well as brief information about job opportunities that will be available for you after graduation.

Studying Architecture in Turkey

  • Studying architecture in Turkey has gained noticeable popularity amongst international students, as the architecture sector has been developing day after day with the influence of technology.
  • The architecture department aims today to find a solution for tomorrow’s problems and people’s future needs. The different conditions like population, economy, politics, and technology have a major impact on the architectural sector in Turkey and the world.
  • The field of architecture is one of the fields called "professional studies". The duration of study in the Department of Architecture in Turkey is 4 years, and the student can start university education directly if he passes the language test, or 5 years if the student studies a preparatory year to study the language.

Why Choosing Turkey to Study Architecture?

  • You can study architecture in Turkey in either English or Turkish.
  • Studying in universities with Turkish language as a medium of instruction might be more suitable financially.
  • Therefore, fewer universities offer architecture programs in the English language, and it costs more than universities offering programs in the Turkish language, and most of them are private universities.
  • Turkey has become one of the best destinations in the world to study architecture. You will learn and experience the improvement made through history in drawing and designing buildings.

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Admission Requirements to Study Architecture in Turkey

Many local and international students prefer to continue their higher education in Turkey.

International students who want to study architecture in Turkey need to notarize some of their certificates, in this stage students are expected to prove their proficiency in the language of their studies, also, academic excellence is an essential aspect, so not only your high school grade or cumulative GPA is important, but also students have to take some exams.

  • The first step to studying architecture in Turkey is to choose your medium of instruction (English, or Turkish), a lot of universities offer the program in both languages, and you can have a bright career by speaking either of those languages.
  • The YOS exam is a must to get accepted in a governmental university, in addition to a high school diploma with a minimum score of 70%, plus the medium of instruction is Turkish.
  • To study architecture in a private university in Turkey, you need a high school diploma with a minimum score of 60% in most universities, no extra certificates are required.
  • For students seeking an English program, they should have a TOFEL certificate with a minimum score of 80.
  • It’s recommended for international students to have SAT certificates.

What is the Curriculum for Architecture in Turkey?

Not all programs are as practical from the beginning as the architecture department, the curriculum is designed to give you all the fundamentals about construction:

  • Building physics 
  • Structural analysis
  • Material science 
  • Building chemistry 
  • Structure theories 
  • Sanitary engineering
  • Heating technology 
  • Electrical engineering 
  • Wood structure
  • Metal structure 

Because management and accounting have become increasingly important in the architectural field, you can attend lectures in:

  • Construction management 
  • Construction planning 
  • Construction law

You will also learn how to use applications like CAD (Computer-Aided Design) which can help architects complete their work with ease.

In the architecture department in Turkey, students not only need to attend all classes, but also, they must work on their projects after hours, that’s why students who want to achieve high grades should be hardworking, and creative.

Best Universities to Study Architecture in Turkey

Cost of Studying for Architecture in Turkey

The tuition fee for the architecture department in Turkey ranges between $1350 and $9800 annually.







Istanbul Aydın





Istanbul Teknik




English/ Turkish


Orta doğu Teknik



Yildiz Teknik



Istanbul Medipol





Job Opportunities and Careers Paths for Graduate of Architecture Department in Turkey

After completing your architecture degree in Turkey, you can start working as an architect worldwide.

Graduates of the architecture department can work in different fields like:

  • Industry 
  • Cities 
  • Municipality 
  • Engineering consulting office 
  • Architecture consulting office
  • Housing association 

You can also work in:

  • Project management 
  • Project development 
  • Site inspector 
  • Environmental analyst 
  • Facility management 

Also, a lot of architects establish their own offices after graduating from the architecture department in Turkey.

Average Salary for an Architect Graduate in Turkey

  • The annual wage for architecture department graduates in Turkey is ranging between 80K Turkish Lira and 141K Turkish Lira.
  • Of course, you can earn more depending on your work experience and the skills you have, and it can be more than a surgeon’s wage.

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