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The more you try something on a scale model, the better the final result will be in the real world. This is precisely the core of the interior design specialization.

Interior design specialization emerged hundreds of years ago, intending to beautify the temples as the homes of the gods. After that, it is extended to houses and palaces whose interior design varies according to their owners and their favorite colors and preferences. These preferences are affected by the environment in which people build their visual memory.

In the late 19th century, interior design spread widely with an increased need for specialized designers. Over time, it became a university specialization for the students who seek to polish their talent, start the educational journey, and secure life careers.

Interior Design Study in Turkey

Although interior design emerged hundreds of years ago, it started to be offered at universities as an academic program recently.

Studying interior design is interesting as it is concerned with the technical aspects of drawing, coloring, and interior lighting to meet the space requirements of each building. With specific colors, you can make the area look more expansive, or with lighting, you can highlight the colors and interior furniture you choose appropriately.

During the four years of the Bachelor's program in interior design, you will study various exciting courses. The topics of these courses may vary from one university to another. Therefore, you should check the list of courses on the university website you wish to apply to.

مجالات عمل خريجي التصميم الداخلي 2

Interior Design Curriculum

First academic year

  • Design Basics
  • Introduction to Design and Architecture
  • Visual Media of Design
  • Studies related to Interior Design
  • Introduction to Interior Design

Second academic year

  • Interior Architecture Design
  • History of Art and Architecture
  • Environmental Control Systems Studio

Third academic year

  • Interior Architecture Design (III)
  • History of Furniture and Design
  • Design Theory

Fourth academic year

  • Interior Architecture Design (IV)
  • Drawing Measurement
  • Graduation Project 

Fields of work of interior design graduates

  • Designers of housing units within the contracting companies.
  • Restoration of old buildings and hospitals
  • Work in the contracting companies
  • Work in hotels and tourist villages.
  • Work in engineering offices
  • Kitchen designers
  • Furniture arrangers
  • Home lighting advisers
  • Interior decorators
  • Sustainable designers

الفرق بين هندسة الديكور والتصميم الداخلي 2

Most Famous Turkish Universities to Study Interior Design

Many universities offer interior design, some of which call the specialization interior architecture and environmental design, interior design, and architecture, or interior architecture. The following are among the universities that offer this specialization in Turkish:

Nişantaşı University, Kültür University, Aydin University, Istinye University, Beykent University, Atilim University, Gelişim University, Istanbul Şehir University, Doğuş University, Başkent University and Beykoz University.














Istanbul Gelişim





Istanbul Bilgi








The Difference between Interior Design and Interior Decorating

  • The interior design utilizes many modern technical programs to reach the best solutions for the internal design of buildings in line with the project's main objective. This goal can be achieved by applying some methods and research.
  • Interior design is also concerned with human movement within the building. However, interior decorating is concerned with how to distribute the furniture and make the specific area more beautiful through several creative elements of an innovative shape.
  • Interior decorating is an art concerned with the aesthetic aspect of buildings, such as the building materials, age, and position of each piece of furniture according to the size and style of construction. For example, interior decorators are interested in choosing the floors, the quality of the ceramics and tiles, and their shape, type, and colors.
  • Therefore, an interior decorator does not start work without obtaining the illustrative site plans. For example, one of the tasks of interior decorators is to cover the windows in an aesthetic way that suits the direction of sunlight and shadows. They also choose the type of fabric for mattresses, sofas, and bedrooms and the required quantity for each room.
  • The task of the interior designers is to determine the spaces between the furniture pieces, considering the shape of the final distribution. They also ensure the presence of sunlight and proper ventilation in all rooms to prevent moisture and rot. They are concerned with safety and security, such as sound insulation and fire avoidance.
  • The interior designer is also responsible for locating the lighting devices and switches in addition to their quantity and sizes. 

أهم التخصصات الجامعية في مجال التصميم

Is Interior Design Right for me?

The student must have a talent for drawing with knowledge of the history of the arts and architecture as it is among the specializations that depend most on students' knowledge. Therefore, you will find many job opportunities if you enrich your talent with academic study and a scientific certificate.

Skills that interior design learners should possess

  • Free drawing skill
  • The capability for office and fieldwork 
  • Good knowledge of computer drawing programs
  • The ability to select and coordinate colors
  • Knowledge of minerals and ores
  • Distinctive and unique taste
  • Leadership qualities
  • Persuasion skills
  • Passion for decoration and design

Most Important courses & Specializations in the Field of  interior Design

  • Architecture (mimarlık)
  • Visual Arts (Görsel Sanatlar).
  • Fashion Design (Moda Tasarımı).
  • Interior Design (iç mimarlık)
  • Graphic Design (Grafik Tasarım)
  • Art, Design and Music (Sanat, Tasarım ve Müzik)
  • Animation Design and Multimedia (Animasyon ve Multimedya)

The average income of an interior designer in the most important countries of the world per year

  • USA $61,123
  • Canada $57,000
  • China $47774
  • Germany €130,000 
  • Japan $112,613
  • Turkey 225500₺

Admission Requirements to Study Interior Design in Turkey?

Admission to Turkish public universities requires passing the Turkish YÖS test or the American SAT. Moreover, it requires a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) with a specific average that varies from university to university. It is also required to submit a language proficiency certificate or to attend the language preparatory year before starting the registered program.

Admission to Turkish public universities requires only the GCSE with a minimum average of 50% in addition to the language proficiency certificate.

Some public universities require a certain average, and when applying for scholarships, they may ask for a higher average in GCSE. However, having a GCSE with an average of 50% for admission to private universities is sufficient.


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