The end of the MBA quota in Fenerbahçe 2024

The end of the MBA quota in Fenerbahçe 2024
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 25 Jun 24

The end of the MBA quota in Fenerbahçe 2024-2025

The Announcement of the end of the seats allocated for the Master of Business Administration with and without a thesis at Fenerbahçe University for the new academic year 2024-2025.

It is worth noting that Fenerbahçe University offers various specializations for the master’s degree in English and Turkish.

Studying a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Türkiye 

Türkiye is an ideal destination for graduate students from around the world, especially those wishing to obtain a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Türkiye. 

Turkish universities, whether public or private, provide high-quality MBA programs that meet the needs and requirements of the international labor market.

Advantages of studying a Master's in Business Administration in Türkiye

Studying Bachelor’s and Master’s in Business Administration in Türkiye is one of the most popular majors that attract international students from all over the world for these reasons:

  • Diversity of programs: Turkish universities offer various MBA programs ranging from general MBA programs to specialized MBA programs in specific fields such as: finance, marketing, and leadership.
  • Academic quality: Many Turkish universities have a good reputation in the field of business administration, having obtained prestigious international accreditations.
  • Modern Curriculum: The curriculum for MBA programs in Türkiye is designed to keep pace with the latest developments in business administration, with an emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.
  • Suitable cost: The cost of studying for an MBA in Türkiye is much lower than the cost of European and American countries while maintaining a high quality of education.
  • Job Opportunities: Türkiye offers a promising job market for MBA graduates, especially with the presence of many global and regional companies based in Türkiye.
  • Distinctive geographical location: Türkiye is located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, making it an ideal destination for students who want to gain international experience and acquire communication skills with people from different cultures.

What are the best universities to study a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Türkiye?

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