StudyFans participates in the Saudi GEDS Exhibition 2024

StudyFans participates in the Saudi GEDS Exhibition 2024
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 18 May 24

StudyFans strengthens its presence in the field of education through its participation in GEDS 2024

StudyFans is participating in the leading educational exhibition in Saudi Arabia (GEDS 2024), in its fifth edition in the city of Jeddah, from May 16 to18 May 2024, from 4 PM to 11 PM.

Through this exhibition, StudyFans provides an exceptional opportunity for Saudi students and residents to learn about the best universities in Turkey, Cyprus, and Malaysia, the conditions for registration in them, and the specializations available.

StudyFans - as the exclusive agent for Al-Biruni University - plays an important role in introducing students to this prestigious university in Turkey, its acceptance rate and its various specializations.

This exhibition is an opportunity for Saudi and Arab students wishing to travel and study abroad to obtain free consultations and exclusive offers from StudyFans and receive answers about everything related to studying in Turkey, studying in Malaysia and studying in Cyprus.

StudyFans Services for Students at GEDS Expo 2024

StudyFans offers a comprehensive range of services specifically designed to facilitate international students' journey to Türkiye.

Our services include:

  • Airport Pick-up:

We receive you upon your arrival at Istanbul Airport and transfer you by private car to a 4-star hotel or your desired location.

  • Hotel reservation:

We reserve a comfortable 4-star hotel for you 3 nights before your arrival, and complete all booking procedures for your peace of mind. We offer you a variety of hotel options that suit your needs and budget.

  • Providing student housing:

We help you find suitable student housing in terms of location, price, and available services, and we provide you with information about the available student housing to ensure your optimal choice.

  • Equivalency and translation of certificates:

We translate your papers into Turkish and have them authenticated by a Turkish notary. We help you make an appointment to have your (DENKLIK) and prepare your papers from the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education. We also help you translate all the papers required for registration at the university.

  • Registration in universities:

We accompany you to the university to complete the registration and payment process. We also help you obtain the student document that is used to complete many other procedures, and we provide you with the necessary advice and support to facilitate the registration process.

Read more about: Application Requirements to Study in Turkey

  • Student residency:

We help you prepare your residency file and book a residency appointment from the Immigration Department.

  • Obtaining a transportation card:

We will accompany you to the municipality center to apply for the discounted transportation card for students. We help you receive your card and ensure its activation. We also provide you with information about public transportation lines in Istanbul.

  • Buy a mobile phone line:

We help you buy a Turkish phone line and choose the appropriate internet package for you, and we provide you with advice about the best phone companies in Turkey.

  • Residence Certificate and Opening a Bank Account for the Students:

We help you extract Residence Certificate from your place of residence. We help you open a bank account in one of the Turkish banks that the university deals with or the banks you prefer.

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