Your Guide to Studying Law in Turkey
Mariam Aboulmagd Date : 13 Mar 24

The law sector is one of the most essential sectors in our lives. It has been around for so long, and it will always continue to have this great importance. 

It helps people understand their rights and responsibilities when dealing with other people or institutions. The law’s purpose is to maintain peace and stability in society.

Studying law gives you the tools and knowledge to navigate legal situations. It is also a great responsibility to be working in the legal field and trying to enforce justice between people and protect human rights. 

Is studying law difficult? 

Everything in life comes with its easy parts and its difficulties. Putting in enough effort and focusing on your goal can help you do anything you put your mind to.

Studying law can be challenging in many ways. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t excel in your studies. Knowing the challenges that you might face helps you easily overcome them.

Students who want to study law are expected to study legal texts. You learn the terms and concepts that are used in the legal industry. Just like any other department that you are new to learning about.

Anything can be learned when you are determined enough. As long as you believe that your studies can help you make an impact in the future, you will be able to succeed throughout your university education.

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Why should you study in Türkiye? 

Turkey is a well-known country around the world for its great education. It offers students from around the world high-quality education supported by great facilities. Turkish universities offer all of these benefits while still being budget friendly.

You can find a variety of specializations within the law sector, especially in higher education. There are opportunities for international students to study law in English. 

Most Turkish universities have accreditations that ensure that their education matches universal educational standards.

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Where can you study law in Turkey

Where can you study law in Turkey? 

Turkish universities cover a lot of areas within the law sector. Generally, bachelor’s degrees offer general knowledge about law. Then, you can get more specialized in your master’s and PDH studies. You can get your degree in law at one of these great Turkish universities.

Bachelor’s degree in law 

Law undergraduate programs in Türkiye usually last 4 years. They provide students with all the essential knowledge in the legal sector.

If you want to study law in Türkiye in English, these law universities in Turkey for international students offer bachelor's degrees taught in 30% English: 

You can also continue to get your higher education in Turkey in the variety of specialized law departments it offers.

Studying Law in Turkey

Master’s degree in law in Turkish universities in English 

When it comes to specializing in law in your higher education, you can pick one of these departments and study in Turkey in English.


Public Law:

Private Law:

Get your PHD in law  

You can study Public Law and Private Law in Yeditepe University in English, with annual fees costing $14,000

PHD and masters programs in other specializations in law in other languages 

What are the requirements to study in Türkiye? 

Because studying law depends greatly on reading and text, it is highly essential for the student to have a language certificate proving their proficiency in the language they are going to use during their education.

  • Your notarized high school certificate.
  • A copy of your passport/ ID
  • A biometric photo of you
  • A language proficiency certificate

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What are the available legal jobs in Turkey? 

  • Attorney at Law & Compliance Officer: Offers legal guidance and ensures compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Trainee Solicitor: Assists experienced lawyers with legal matters, gaining valuable experience in the legal profession.
  • Legal Assistant: Provides support to lawyers in handling legal matters.
  • Legal Counsel: Advises clients on legal issues and represents them in legal situations.
  • Contract Advisor: Offers specialized legal advice related to contracts.

These are the most common jobs in the legal field. There are plenty of other positions that are also related to the law sector.

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What are the requirements to study in Türkiye

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