Studying International Relations in Turkey
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The term "international relations" first appeared in the early twentieth century to refer to the study of political relations between states and their impact on the sovereignty of each state. Many alliances and relations flourished at that time between European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries. 

The international relations term is not only limited to political matters but also includes significant global issues such as environment and climate, economic repercussions, security, and globalization.

How do you know that International Relations is the right specialization for you?

Suppose you are interested in following the world news and analyzing its impact on the country's internal affairs. In that case, you can be sure that you will enjoy studying International relations specialization. This specialization requires its seekers to follow all international news, the agreements between countries, and analyze this cooperation and its impact on the political and economic aspects.

On the other hand, if you are interested in history, then the International Relations specialization will help you analyze the conflicts and wars that countries fought in the past and how they affected the generations at present. Not only that, but the study of history helps us in making many influential decisions in the present as history repeats itself.

 The student needs skills that will undoubtedly help him study international relations. The most crucial skill can be given as follows:

• The ability to communicate with the local community.

• The ability to understand the language and dialogue of all ages he addresses.

• The student must be characterized by wisdom and reason before making important decisions.

• The ability of auditing and observation.

• The student should be aware of and respect the profession's ethics.

• Effective and proper communication.

• The student should have organizational skills.

Advantages of Studying International Relations in Turkey

Due to its strategic location in the first place and multiculturalism in the country, the study of international relations in Turkey has gained an excellent reputation in recent times. This study fulfills the students' hopes to occupy leadership and political positions. In addition to the power that anyone who chooses to join the diplomatic service obtains. Therefore, Turkey is the perfect destination to study international relations.

1. Prestigious government jobs: The study of international relations guarantee many prestigious government jobs in addition to working with international organizations or in journalism, global consulting, business, education, and community development.

2. You will be able to work in local and international human rights fields and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

3. This study is the foundation to pursue your postgraduate studies in several specializations such as law, international studies, international relations, studies of regional centers, global public policy, and public administration.

4. The ability to travel worldwide to learn more practically about international relations.

5. The study of political science and international relations also affords many opportunities for students to meet with foreign delegations hosted by the Turkish university and apply the studied theories practically.

6. This specialization provides a more practical implementation of the studied theories through travel and meetings.

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Courses of International Relations Study

In the beginning, you should know the general system of Turkish universities.

The duration of bachelor's programs at Turkish universities is only four years. These programs contain several courses which may vary from one university to another. Therefore, you must check the courses of the desired program on the website of the university you wish to join. Here, we will present the courses of the international relations specialization at one of the Turkish universities.

First academic year

Introduction to Political Systems – The History of the Political World.

Microeconomics - Macroeconomics.

Second academic year

History of Political Thought - The Theory of International Relations.

Research Methods - Fundamentals of Law.

Foreign Policy Analysis - Political Principles.

Third academic year 

Comparative Politics - International Organizations

History of Politics in Turkey - Guidance in Research - Modernity in Turkey.

Fourth academic year

International Security: Gender and Politics.

Fundamentals of Constitutional Law.

The Future of International Relations Graduates

After completing your study trip on international relations in Turkey, what are the available job opportunities for you? Before starting your study journey, you must know the answer to this question, as the study of any specialization carries ideals far from the course of reality. Therefore, we will list the various job opportunities for graduates of international relations in government and private agencies:

• Governmental bodies - Ministries and Embassies.

• International Organizations - International Courts.

• News agencies - Economist.

• Journalist or news anchor - international marketing.

• Freelance diplomat - analyst and foreign affairs specialist.

• Political Analyst - International Lawyer.

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Eligibility Criteria for International Relations Admission in Turkey

If you wish to study international relations at a Turkish public university, you must have a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) with a minimum average of 70%.

It is to be mentioned that some universities may require additional supporting documents as a prerequisite for admissions, such as the YÖS certificate or the SAT certificate.

On the other hand, the requirements for admission at Turkish private universities are straightforward, and it is sufficient to have a GCSE with an average of 50%.

What are the Tuition Fees for International Relations Study in Turkey?

Studying international relations in Turkish universities is comparatively affordable and even low compared to other countries and other specializations. The cost in private universities ranges from $3,000 to $9,000.

In the case of the scholarships, the discount varies based on the details of each scholarship. Some of these scholarships are full financial grants, and some are partial, covering the tuition fees and leaving the student to manage personal expenses such as transportation, housing, and others.

Universities to Study International Relations in Turkey

Many Turkish public and private universities offer distinguished international relations programs with the help of highly qualified cadres and through the available techniques that facilitate the study process.

Despite the plenty of Turkish private universities that offer international relations programs, there are a group of universities that are at the fore in the educational scene, which can be given as follows:

Best Private Universities In Turkey to Study Public Relations

Bilkent University, tuition fees of $14,500, English medium of instruction.

Nişantaşı University, tuition fees of $2950, ​​ English medium of instruction.

Istanbul Bilgi University, tuition fees of $6600, English medium of instruction.

Gelişim University, tuition fees of $4000, English medium of instruction.

Altinbas University, tuition fees of $3000, English medium of instruction.

Bahçeşehir University, tuition fees of $7900, English medium of instruction.

Istanbul Kültür University, tuition fees of $4,930, English medium of instruction.

Yeditepe University, tuition fees of $1050, English medium of instruction.

Public universities that offer international relations in Turkey 

• Abdullah Gül University

• Boğaziçi University

• Çukurova University

• Hakkari University

• İnönü University

• Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University

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