Free trip to Al-Biruni University with StudyFans!

Free trip to Al-Biruni University with StudyFans!
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 21 May 24

Success of Al-Biruni University trip with StudyFans

StudyFans -the leading study company in Türkiye- is pleased to announce the success of its free trip to Al-Biruni University on Monday, May 20, 2024. The trip received wide participation from students who wished to get to know the university closely and its distinguished academic programs.

It is noteworthy that StudyFans is the exclusive agent for Al-Biruni University in Türkiye, which provides students with exclusive discounts if they apply to the university through StudyFans.

StudyFans seeks to provide the best services to students wishing to study in Türkiye. The company also aims to help students choose the appropriate university and major, and provide them with the necessary support throughout their study journey.

Al-Biruni's trip program with StudyFans

  • An introductory tour of Al-Biruni University campus, including its various buildings and modern facilities.

  • Visiting medical and engineering laboratories, where students learned about the latest technologies and devices available for scientific research.

  • An interactive session with university representatives, where they answered all student inquiries about admission requirements, available specializations, and university services.

Advantages of Al-Biruni University

Al-Biruni University is distinguished by many advantages that make it an ideal destination for those who seek to achieve excellence and leadership in various fields, the most important of them:

  • Diversity of study programs: Biruni University offers a wide range of study programs taught in both English and Turkish.

  • Support for the Turkish language: The university offers a free program to study the Turkish language for students who wish to learn it, which makes it easier for them to integrate into the university environment and Turkish society.

  • Scholarships: The university offers many scholarships to outstanding students of different nationalities.

  • Leadership in health sciences: Biruni University is one of the most prominent and leading educational institutions in the field of health sciences in Türkiye.

  • Student Clubs: The university provides students with the opportunity to participate in many student clubs concerned with various fields, which helps them develop their skills, gain new experiences, and form new friendships.

  • Young Scientist Training Program: The university offers a unique program for training young scientists, which helps students discover their research skills and hone their scientific abilities from an early age.

  • Keeping pace with developments: The university is keen to keep pace with the latest technical and scientific developments in various fields, which allows students to obtain a modern education that meets the needs of the labor market.

  • Double and short major: The university allows students to study two university majors at the same time or obtain a degree in a shortened major, which allows them to expand their professional horizons and increase their chances of obtaining distinguished jobs.

  • Free to move between majors: The university allows students the freedom to move between its various majors, allowing them to change their course of study if they do not find their original major meeting their passion.

  • Distinguished academic staff: The university includes a strong academic staff of senior professors and researchers with international experience, which contributes to providing high-level education that meets international standards.

Student opinions about Al-Biruni University trip with StudyFans

The students expressed their happiness to participate in this trip, and thanked StudyFans for its distinguished organization.

Student D.A. She said: “It was a wonderful trip. My outlook on Al-Biruni University completely changed after I saw its enormous potential.”

Student A.M. He said: “I thank StudyFans for giving us the opportunity to visit Al-Biruni University, It helped me a lot in making the decision to apply to it, and I was very impressed by the anatomy and dental laboratory particularly.”

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