Top 10 Best Public Universities in Turkey
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knowledge seekers who want to complete their university studies in a country with a famous higher education system and excellent educational capabilities that attract many people worldwide. The most important reason people travel to this great and ancient country for education is the excellent reputation gained from the students who completed their studies in the Turkish universities or visited the country for tourism purposes.  

Public universities in Turkey:

In the recent period, Turkey's universities have developed significantly and become attractive destinations for the students, unlike many other universities globally. These universities include various specializations that allow the students to choose the most suitable ones to pursue their dreams and reach the glory in the sky of education. In the following article, we will get acquainted with the most prominent Turkish public universities and their admission requirements and dates that many people are looking for online.

جامعة الشرق الأوسط التقنية

Admission requirements for Turkish public universities:

  • First: Undergraduate stage (Bachelor's stage):

In Turkey, admission to public universities is more difficult than in private universities, and admission requirements differ from one university to another. We can divide universities at the undergraduate level into 5 sectors:

  1. The YÖS sector: These are the universities where the student needs to appear either for the university's   YÖS test or one of the YÖS tests held by other Turkish universities, such as Istanbul University. However, some universities admit its test only, such as Istanbul University, unlike some other universities, such as Gaziantep University, which admits its test and the test of Istanbul University.
  2. International Examinations Sector: The student must appear in one of the international tests such as the SAT, ACT, or AL tests of the British High School. Hacettepe University and Bogazici University are examples of universities in this sector.
  3. The local and international secondary sector: the Arab and local high schools and the certificates of the second sector, the "international examination sector", are accepted in these universities. However, priority will be given to students of the first and second sectors during the application process.
  4. The fourth sector: these universities accept the certificates of the first and second sectors, such as Yildiz Technical University.
  5. The Fifth Sector: All degrees are accepted in this sector, such as Yildirim Beyazit University and Ankara University. However, these universities prioritize students of the first and second sectors.

For admission to medical departments in public universities: This requires a great effort from students, as most public universities do not accept students without YÖS or international certificates with high scores close to 100% on the YÖS test. You can read our article on tips for admission to medical colleges for more information.

For admission to engineering or literary majors: The student must prepare to appear on the American SAT exam and obtain a score of 1250 or more. For more information, you can read our article on tips for admission to engineering colleges.

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  • Second, the Master's and Ph.D.'s "Postgraduate Studies" stage:

The admission requirements differ from one university to another. We can divide universities at the master's level into two sectors:

The first sector: requires a GRE or GMAT

The second sector is accepted to apply directly with a bachelor's degree.

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جامعة البوسفور بوغازيتشي

Differentiations of applying to public universities:

The methods of application differ from one university to another, which include:

  • Electronic differentiation process.
  • Electronic differentiation process + send the documents by post.
  • Fill out a hard copy form by hand + send the documents by mail.
  • A direct differentiation process by traveling to the university and handing over the documents.

Some universities require payment of application fees during the differentiation process. These fees range from 20$ to 150$, depending on the university. In addition, some universities require applicants to appear for interviews before accepting the students.

Information on the application dates for Turkish public universities "The differentiations":

First, Bachelor's Degree differentiations:

  • Public universities differ in the dates of opening and closing applications and the results declaration and registration. Some universities open the applications for two weeks in May and others in June or July. However, the first public university begins to open its doors for applications in the last week of April of each year. The last public university closes the application door on the first day of the last week of September.
  • Some universities open more than one differentiation to apply for due to the vacant seats from the first differentiation since some of the accepted students failed to register at the university.
  • Some universities open more than one differentiation. They allocate one for students applying through the YÖS test, another differentiation for students applying for international certificates, and the third differentiation for students applying through their local high school certificates.

Second, the differentiation for the master and doctoral stages:

  • Public universities differ among themselves in the dates of opening and closing applications and results declaration and registration.
  • Universities open applications twice in the year, during June and July and during December and January.

جامعة غازي

The required documents to apply for the undergraduate program:

  1. Secondary school certificate "Diploma".
  2. Transcript of grade for secondary school.
  3. A copy of the passport.
  4. A personal photograph.
  5. YÖS test certificate or international tests "if any".

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The required documents to apply for the postgraduate program (master and Ph.D.):

  1. Bachelor's graduation certificate for the applicant to master program in and bachelor's and   master's graduation certificates for the applicant to the Ph.D. program.
  2. The bachelor's degree transcript for the applicant to the master's program and bachelor's and master's transcripts for the applicant to the Ph.D. program.
  3. Two letters of recommendation (At least).
  4. Letter of intent.
  5. GRE certificate, not all universities ask for this certificate.

The ranking of Turkish public universities

Turkish public universities occupy distinguished and competitive positions in the list of the best universities in the world. This is due to the superior services and the eminent level of higher education offered in all the Turkish universities, which has been highly praised by many people around the world and who studied in these five major universities that we will talk about in the following section of the article:

  1. Boğaziçi University: It is one of the public universities in Turkey that offers a high level of education  and is attended by many students from different countries of the world. This university occupies the 4th rank at the level of Turkish public universities and 715th globally.
  2. Middle East Technical University: The prestigious university, as many people call it, is characterized  by great sophistication in dealing with students and a distinguished level of education   as praised by its   graduated students. This university ranks 1st at the level of Turkey's public universities and comes in 531th in the international ranking.
  3. Istanbul Technical University: It is the third university on the list of Turkish public universities that specialize in technical studies. This university occupies the 2nd rank among Turkish universities on the national level and comes 593th in the international ranking.
  4. Ankara University: It is a major university in Turkey and is always at the forefront of universities at the local level, even with the intense competition for the first 5th positions among many universities. In the international ranking, Ankara University comes in 746th place among the top universities in the world.
  5. Istanbul University: It is the prestigious university in Turkey and is the oldest established university. Although it is not at the forefront of universities at the local level, it is always on the list of the top 10 universities in Turkey. At the global level, it ranks 905th positions among various universities worldwide.

جامعة مرمرة

Average fees in Turkish public universities:

Many students seek to study in distinguished international universities with a high level of education to benefit from their education in the future. However, the only obstacle faced by the students at this time is "money". This is why people search online for the cheapest Turkish public universities to apply for and benefit from their higher education system and certificate in getting the proper job in the future. Talking about the tuition fees in Turkish public universities, it starts from 3000₺ per semester  in some universities such as the Middle East Technical University. However, these fees vary according to the desired faculty and the university. Talking about the most expensive university, Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University comes at the top of the list with 30.000₺ for one academic year in engineering faculties and 82.000₺ for human medicine. 

At the end of the article, if you have any queries regarding public universities in Turkey, you can write to us through the communication channels on our website or leave a comment below, and we will answer you with all the details.

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