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Today Turkey occupies this position thanks to its popular markets and the large and diverse shopping centers in it.

Would you believe me if I told you that all of my life decisions were based on a movie or a novel I’ve read and influenced by its writer or hero? Certainly, there were some details in which I had to get down on the ground and make the right decision based on real data. However, the initial enthusiasm was thanks to the art.

Let’s go to the point and play this game together. You want some serious and rigorous information about studying Fashion Design in Turkey, which I will present in the next lines anyway. But before that, I will recommend to you some films that discuss this specialization in a wonderfully dramatic way.

أهمية تصميم الأزياء وخصوصًا في السينما 2

The importance of Fashion Design, especially in cinema

The Devil Wears Prada movie

Meryl Streep starred in this movie; and till now, the most famous gif of her is used as she is looking down and up with contempt. The clothes and dresses in this movie were its hallmarks. Also, the idea of ​​Andy "Anne Hathaway" being her assistant, to start wearing Chanel shoes, Prada, and a set of Hermès scarves to be on the same level as her manager who she despised on their first meeting that her disdainful looks in the famous gif were directed at Andy from the beginning!

Coco Before Chanel movie

Thanks to this movie, Audrey Tautou is still the best who starred in short black dresses. It wasn't only Audrey's hallmark, but her gleaming pearl necklace was also breathtaking when she wore it with any dress or suit. Throughout the movie, Audrey tries to rise in the world of fashion and withstand all the crises that she was exposed to throughout the movie.

Breakfast At Tiffany's movie

This movie is one of the top 20 fashion movies. In the early scenes of the film, Audrey Hepburn appears looking through Tiffany's store window. From the first moment of the film, you will be fascinated by the iconic pieces of jewelry, the black dresses, the delicate gloves, and the sexy hats. Personally, it is a movie that brings tranquility and happiness because of its distinctive colors.

Ready to Wear movie

There is no need to tell how amazing this movie is. It is enough to say that it was filmed during Paris Fashion Week in 1994. The advantage of the Ready to Wear movie is that it conveys the reality of that week like a purely documentary. It is one of the best movies that you have to watch if you are a fashion lover, or if you want to nurture your visual memory with some special pieces.

Personal Shopper movie

This movie tells a story of a girl who is a personal shopper of a famous model. She travels the world buying clothes and accessories inspired by Chanel at the Métiers d'Art Paris-Dallas show in 2013.

There is no need to explain the upsides of studying fashion design. It is enough to watch these films to see how much fun fashion designers have in their studies and work.

The art of fashion design is considered one of the applied arts that specializes in designing clothes until the last thread in the design.

The basic elements of fashion design

  • Design outlines: They are the keystone of any design you want to start with, which results in all the other details.
  • Forms of fashion: the exterior appearance of fashion, which appears from the outfit and expresses the final idea that the designer is trying to reach.
  • The colors used in the design: the colors that highlight the beauty of the design. It adds some magic touches.
  • Fabrics used in the design: It is the magic wand that enriches the design and puts it in a different place only if the correct fabrics are used.

History of fashion design in the world

Fashion design appeared at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Then came the Paris Fashion Week, where all the world's designers gather to display their art through fashion shows that take place during this week, and Charles Worth became famous for being the most famous fashion designer in Paris. He opened his gallery, and he distinguished at that time from other designers that he designed, tailored, and sewed by himself in one place. That’s why the ministers, princes, and princesses always go for him. Then, he became a magnet for students looking in the field of design and fashion.

Study Fashion Design in Turkey

The universities of Fashion Design in Turkey are distinguished in that they are ready-made practical workshops that provide the best services and tools that will help students as they learn. It helps them identify and know the different types of fabrics, how to tailor them, as well as understand basic design principles and link them to reality.

The most important characteristic of studying fashion design in Turkey is helping students study the labor market, and find out how to plan to produce a range of fashions in a variety of shapes and styles, whether in the domestic market or the Eurasian market.

هل دراسة تصميم الأزياء في تركيا تناسبني؟ 2

Is studying Fashion Design in Turkey right for me?

To start studying fashion design in Turkey or even in any other university, you must possess a set of qualifications and skills that will help you understand the specialization you are trying to study and achieve the success you desire.

  • Having the skill of tailoring and knitting
  • Medium talent in drawing
  • The ability to be patient and persevere because access in the field of fashion and fashion is not easy
  • Having a creative imagination that helps you in creating different designs.
  • Passion for continuously developing knitting, designs, and drawing skills.

Fashion design study materials in Turkey

In this specialization, students learn knitting, sewing, and weaving, as well as sketching by hand or using computers and specialized technical software.

The study materials for fashion design in Turkey contain the histories of designs and trends of each era several of business administration subjects which is taught in Turkish only:

  • The basics of fashion design and how to master it
  • History of Fashion Design
  • Fashion prediction
  • Types of fabrics
  • The use of computers in fashion design
  • Field training in fashion design
  • Textiles
  • Garment industry
  • Design and hand embroidery
  • Expression using colors
  • Sewing machines and techniques
  • Foundations of studying fashion design

 The fashion design process goes through several foundational stages to show the consistency between the elements of one design. Also, because the fashion design process is innovative, the fashion designer has to follow these principles:

  1. Unity
  2. Rhythm
  3. Balance
  4. Emphasis
  5. Proportion

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Computer fashion design

  • Because technology is the basis of the current era, software companies have introduced many design programs in general and for the fashion design field in particular; to facilitate the innovation and design process for designers.
  • There are general programs in fashion such as Photoshop, Adobe programs, illustrator, and some special design programs, and the most famous of these programs is Pro Style.
  • The advantage of these programs is that they contain a ready-made library of designs and shapes of fashion, with all their details.

The most famous universities to study fashion design in Turkey

  • Işık University
  • Gedik University
  • Istanbul Aydin University
  • Yeditepe University
  • Atilim University
  • Gelişim University
  • Altinbaş University

المنح الدراسية لدراسة تصميم الأزياء في تركيا 2

Study Fashion Design fees in Turkey (in English)

  • Yeditepe University, $11,000 annually
  • Bilgi University, $6,950
  • Izmir Economic University, $8000 per year

Annual registration fee for Fashion Design in Turkey (in Turkey)









Istanbul Aydin




Istanbul Arel




Scholarships to study fashion design in Turkey

Tuition fees have increased in the world, but Turkey remains the destination for students to learn around the world. That is why Turkey annually receives thousands of international students either through scholarships offered by the government itself or through partial scholarships and big discounts granted by private universities to students.

Work areas of fashion design

 The fields of fashion specialization are not limited to the design profession only, and because the world of fashion is diverse, the fields of work within it are endless.

  • Fashion Design
  • Pregnant Fashion
  • Accessories design
  • Fabrics Design or
  • Dress Makers

The most famous fashion companies in Turkey

  • Turkish dream company for all kinds of clothes
  • Masa Textile Company for the trade and export of Turkish clothes
  • Sultan Textile Company for the sale of youth clothes
  • Textile company for underwear for all ages
  • Carino Bello company for clothes for children and newborns
  • Hayrunnisa company for all kinds of evening dresses
  • Turkey Outfits for Turkish clothes.


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