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Mariam Aboulmagd Date : 18 Mar 24

Fashion design is a creative industry that is growing day by day. Studying fashion design allows you to explore a great form of art freedom and a new way to express yourself. Being hesitant about choosing your college major is common. But in the end, you should always choose to study in a department that supports the way you want to live your life and have a career. 

Why study fashion design?

There are many reasons why you would want to enroll in the fashion design department. I’m sure that each one of these reasons will make you feel like you can’t wait to start this educational journey.

  • Freedom of expression: Fashion design is art. It allows you to vividly express your wild imagination. Using the skills you acquire during your education, you are able to reflect your personal style on the garments you design.
  • Flexibility: This field offers you a wide range of flexibility. You are bending the common rules, and you think outside the box to follow your creative ideas. People in this field also enjoy flexibility in their working hours. You are not tied to the conventional way of working, as design requires creativity and focus in order for you to find your inspiration.
  • Career options: In the fashion design industry, there are many job opportunities available to you. You can work in the role that fits you best. After graduation, you can become a fashion stylist, a makeup stylist, or work in similar roles. You can also work in marketing and promotion of fashion.
  • A career filled with passion: Many students, when they’re making a decision to pick a university department, don't choose the department of their hobby or passion. Investing time and effort in your passion will grow that talent immensely. Studying fashion design will guarantee you a lifelong career that you love.
  • Networking: By studying fashion design at a well-known university, you have the opportunity to meet fashion enthusiasts like you. The professors you learn from are professionals in their field, and you can learn from their experience.
  • Education in Turkey: Turkey is one of the best countries to study fashion design. It is very famous for fashion. The universities in Turkey offer you practical education and allow you to experiment all you want. The fashion industry in Turkey is always growing, which opens the door for career opportunities 

To help you finalize your decision to study fashion design in Turkey, here are 10 more reasons to study in Turkey.

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Where can I study fashion design?

There are many universities in Turkey offering the department of fashion design to students with the dream of starting this creative journey. Many universities offer this department as a vocational school or master's program. The fees for studying fashion design in Turkey at these universities start at 2000 dollars. 

The following universities are considered the best universities to study fashion design in Turkey. They rank highly on the list, which includes all the universities all around Turkey that offer this department. This conveys the quality of education they provide and the up-to-date facilities that are available exclusively for their students.

  1. Bilkent University: This university is known to be the second-best university to study fashion design. Its campus is in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.
  2. Koç University: Koc University ranks number 19 and gives you the opportunity to study fashion design in Istanbul. 
  3. Sabanci University: The university ranks 21st and is also located in Istanbul.
  4. Yeditepe University: Yeditepe can be found in Istanbul and ranks 27th. 
  5. Özyeğin University: Also built in Istanbul, Ozyegin University ranks 30th.

Requirements to study fashion design 

The required documents to apply for the fashion design department at the Turkish universities are no different from any other department. But when you are starting your education in a creative department, you will need more than just the basic documents. Here are some must-have skills that will ensure the best education journey:

  • Art skills: Having a sense of art and an eye for design. Basic design and art knowledge will help you have a unique look when learning about fashion.
  • Tailoring skills: After you come up with a design, you need to bring it to life. Using your basic tailoring skills may come in handy during this process.
  • Creativity: Having a wild imagination and the creative mind to mix and experiment with new things. To be able to inspire from a design you like while adding your own twist to it.
  • Patience: Coming up with a new design can take some time. You need to keep trying until you reach the result you want. Also, learning and polishing new skills requires time and effort.

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