Studying Medicine in Turkey
Mariam Aboulmagd Date : 24 May 23

Can I study medicine in Turkey?

Medicine is one of the best routes of education you can take. It is valued greatly in all countries around the globe for all the effort medical professionals make. Doctors, with all their departments of specialization, are always needed and in high demand. It is such an honorable profession, and it is really worth all the effort made to attain that degree.

Of course, Turkey, at many of its universities, offers students from all around the world high quality education in the field of medicine. You can start your education at any of the universities you prefer. International students who aspire to study medicine typically choose to study in Turkey. There are several public and private universities in different places in the country that offer top-notch medical education.

Can I study medicine in Turkey

Why study medicine in Turkey?

You can study at more than 47 universities in Turkey that are considered the best in the medical sector. Turkish medical universities commit to European guidelines for higher education, which are equivalent to those of other countries in Europe like Poland, Hungary, or Italy.

The country has relatively affordable medical universities as compared to the rest of the world. However, this does not compromise the high standard of education. 

You can study medicine in Turkey in English at many universities in Turkey. The best medical education is available to international students without requiring them to learn the native language.

In terms of medical facilities, Turkish universities meet global standards. The nation offers a cutting-edge medical education infrastructure. The labs on the universities’ campuses are equipped with the latest tools needed to ensure the success of the education process. 

The diploma you get once you graduate from Turkish universities allows you to practice medicine in many other countries around the world. You will graduate with the medical knowledge and expertise that you have acquired throughout your years of education and practice, which are monitored by experts in the field.

The cultural experience you can have in Turkey is like no other country. In Turkey, there are more than 300,000 international students from many different countries. There are many places that you can visit that teach you about different cultures, especially the rich Turkish culture.

Why study medicine in Turkey

The best universities to study medicine in Turkey

When it comes to studying such an important department as medicine, you want to make sure that you are getting the best education. Turkey is always known for having the best universities, providing high-quality education, and having great facilities on campus, all of which are included in affordable fees without compromising quality.

Bilkent University

Bilkent University is perceived as one of the best universities in Turkey. It ranks as the 1277th best university for medicine in the world. It is famous for offering top-notch education in a variety of fields, including medicine. The certificate you get from the university is acknowledged globally.


Koc University 

Koc University ranks 1294th in the world in the field of medicine. The quality of its education is widely known in Turkey and globally. The university offers a multicultural learning environment because of its diversified and international student body.


Yeditepe University 

Yeditepe University ranks 1410th in medicine globally. The university is internationally recognized for its medical education and providing a variety of medical programs. Students pursuing medical degrees can benefit from the university's excellent facilities and resources.

The best universities to study medicine in Turkey

Istanbul Medipol University 

Istanbul Medipol University globally ranks as the 1657 best medical university. The university places an emphasis on medical education. It provides a wide range of medical specialties. The institution offers chances for hands-on learning and clinical experience in medical fields.


Acibadem University

Acibadem University is considered the best 1658th medical university in the world. This university provides opportunities for students to obtain practical expertise in medical settings as well as clinical experience. It has a variety of medical programs, as it is well-known for its medical education.

Study medicine in Turkey requirements

There are some requirements to study medicine in Turkey for international students that you must fulfill before studying medicine in Turkey. 

You must finish your high school education with a minimum average score of 70%. You can still apply to the university you wish to enter as a senior if you haven't graduated from high school yet, as long as you get a temporary graduation certificate from your school. Then you have to get the high school diploma equivalency document (Denklik).

Then, you will need a copy of your passport. You will also need a certificate that indicates your proficiency in the language that you are going to use while studying. Some universities offer the department in English, so you must give them a proving certificate or go through an evaluating exam. Also,for studying in Turkish, you will go through the same process.

The documents needed for applying to private universities in Turkey are different from those needed for public universities. So, after you choose the best university for you, view the documents you need in order to complete your registration. 

Here you can find a detailed guide that neatly lists all the required documents you need to study in Turkey. It is your trusted guide to how to begin studying in Turkey at any university you choose. 

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Study medicine in turkey requirements

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