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Medicine is the highest and the noblest profession ever. The doctor is primarily responsible for saving human lives; so, studying medicine is a dream and a goal that most students seek in the pre-university stage. It’s known that Turkey is one of the leading countries in the medical and health sector. In This article, we will cover all the details of studying Medicine in Turkey.

Overview of Human Medicine in Turkey

  • The history of studying medicine in Turkey goes back to 1827, when the first medical college was opened.
  • After that, the study developed over the years; then with Turkey becoming a member of the European Higher Education Area in 2001, the study took on a European character.
  • Today there are more than 7,000 local and foreign students in medical schools in Turkey, which are more than 100 across the country.

Advantages of studying human medicine in Turkey

Studying medicine in Turkey has many upsides that make it one of the best study destinations for students, including:

  • The high quality of Turkish medical schools, which ranks 12th in the medical ranking of all universities in the world.
  • The presence of a distinguished training cadre that enjoys efficiency and high educational quality.
  • Availability of modern infrastructure and international laboratories in most Turkish medical schools.
  • Availability of the latest medical devices and modern technologies in public and private universities to keep pace with technological development worldwide.
  • It provides all the possibilities available for doing advanced medical and scientific research.
  • It provides the opportunity for practical training through specialized hospitals that are abundant in universities, resulting in job opportunities after graduation.
  • The Turkish medical certificate is globally recognized in many different European countries.
  • Low fees for studying medicine in Turkey compared to other countries in Europe and America.
  • It provides many Full and partial scholarships in different medical schools in Turkey.

Conditions for studying human medicine in Turkey

In the past few years, there has been a strong demand for studying medicine in Turkey, especially among Arab students. That’s why knowing the study conditions is one of the important things needed for students. The study conditions vary according to the type of university as follows:

medicine in public universities

Admission requirements vary between public universities according to the system and conditions of each university.

But in general, the student's acceptance rate is that they obtained a minimum of 90% in the General Secondary Certificate.

  • In addition, some public universities require passing the YöS or SAT test to be accepted.
  • In the case of studying in English, a TOEFL certificate is required.

medicine in private universities

The conditions for admission to medical faculties in Turkish private universities differ from their government counterparts, and the matter is simpler and easier.

  • The student's acceptance rate is 80% in the General Secondary Certificate as a minimum.
  • In addition, private universities do not require obtaining additional certificates besides the general secondary certificate for acceptance.

System and duration of studying human medicine in Turkey

The duration of the study is 6 years, and the study is divided as follows:

First and second years

It represents what is known as the preclinical stage, in which the student studies basic medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and others.

In the third year

The student begins to study pathology extensively.

The fourth and the fifth years

Students begin practical and clinical training (stag) in Turkish hospitals.

In the sixth year

The students begin to perform the duties of an ordinary doctor inside the hospital, and although they are like trainees, they receive a small fee for doing the work.

The graduate doctor then takes the “TUS” exam in the medical field he wants, and after passing the exam and completing the years of specialization, he becomes a specialist doctor.

Best Universities to Study Human Medicine in Turkey

There are more than 100 medical colleges in Turkey, in private and public universities.

The best public universities to study human medicine in Turkish

The medical faculties of Haci Tepe, Istanbul, Ankara, Gazi in Ankara, Aegean, Dokuz Eylul, Marmara, Gaziantep, Koc, Anatolia, and Osman Gazi are considered the best medical faculties in Turkey, and the following is a summary of some of them:

Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine

It has high levels in the US News Standards for Clinical Medicine.

It offers the.MD-Ph.D. Program, which is a joint program to study both bachelor's and doctoral degrees, and is characterized by the nature of the intensive study, so it can be completed in only 8 years.

Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine

It is on the top of medical colleges in Turkey, and the oldest of them all.

It is distinguished by its surgical program, which ranks seventh with regard to the international cooperation program.

Koç University School of Medicine

It was established in 2008, and despite its recent inception, it is considered one of the best medical schools in Turkey.

It is characterized by a small number of students, as admission is very selective, and the study in it is in English.

Best Universities to Study Human Medicine in Turkey in English

Medical study in English is available in some Turkish universities, including:

Public universities such as: Marmara, Cerrahpasha, May 19, Yildirim Beyazit, Hajitepe, Gaziantep, and Ataturk. Admission to one of these universities to study in Turkish requires excellence in high school and language certificates.

Medipol University

  • Medipol University is the best university among the other universities that study medicine in Turkey in English. This is very clear when you know that in the top 10 in Turkey, most of them chose to study medicine at Medipol University rather than other universities because of its educational strength, good reputation of its medical staff, and the spread of its hospitals.
  • Its tuition fee is $43000, and the exclusive discount for our students becomes $38700 annually.

Koç University

  • Koç University is one of the strongest and most prestigious universities in Turkey. It is also the best in Turkey that has won research grants from the European Union Research Center. The tuition fees at the university are $29,500, but the university offers scholarships. The number of scholarship holders at the university is 70% of the total students.

Acibadem University

  • Acibadem University has matchless research centers, such as the Microbiology Laboratory.
  • Clinical simulation is a method of training students on how to deal with patients. It took its accreditation from the accredited Network of Clinical Skills Centers in the European Union and healthcare.
  • Its tuition fee is $30,000

Costs of studying human medicine in Turkey

  • Annual tuition fees for studying medicine in Turkey are symbolic when compared to others in Europe and America, ranging between 700 to 3000 dollars in public universities, and 6,630$ to 33,000$ in private universities.
  • On the other hand, for example, the annual fees for studying medicine in the United States of America range from 35,000 to 58,000$.

Study Human Medicine in Turkey for Free and Best Medical Scholarships

The possibility of studying medicine in Turkish universities for free is one of the most important advantages in Turkey, and the following are the most important scholarships available for this:

Ibn Sina Scholarship to study Medicine in Turkey

  • It is the most important and largest grant in Turkey at and is available exclusively for medical specialties.
  • It is a fully funded scholarship issued by the Turkish government targeting foreign and non-Turkish students and aims to make Turkey a base for a network of communication and cooperation with various countries.
  • A letter of recommendation from the teacher or institution is required to recommend the applicant.
  • The number of beneficiaries has reached nearly 17 thousand students so far, and the grant aims to reach 25 thousand students in 2023.
  • The scholarship covers all tuition fees, airline tickets, accommodation, and health insurance, in addition to a free program to learn the Turkish language.
  • The scholarship also provides a monthly stipend for students at a rate of 700₺ for a bachelor's degree, 950₺ for a master's degree, and 1400₺ for a doctorate.

Sabanci University Turkish Scholarship

  • It is a fully funded scholarship, and it includes all academic degrees from Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D., and scientific research.
  • The scholarship covers all tuition fees, in addition to housing support, and a monthly stipend for students.

Turkish Scholarship in Cooperation with the Islamic Bank to Study Medicine

  • It is an exceptional scholarship offered by the Islamic Bank in Turkey, and it includes all academic degrees from bachelor's to doctoral degrees.
  • The scholarship covers full tuition expenses, in addition to travel and accommodation costs.
  • The scholarship also provides a distinguished monthly salary for students: 1800₺ for bachelor students, 2100₺ for masters, and 2600₺ for doctoral students.

Abdullah Gül University Scholarship

  • It is one of the scholarships available to international students to study Medicine in Turkey for free.
  • The scholarship covers all educational expenses in addition to private health insurance, a monthly stipend, and a laptop.

Bilkent University Scholarship

  • It is a fully-funded scholarship that covers all tuition fees, in addition to health insurance, a monthly stipend, and a laptop.
  • One of the advantages available of the Bilkent University scholarship is that the students applying for it are carefully evaluated, to ensure that the scholarship reaches its beneficiaries.
  • Evaluation is carried out according to multiple criteria. These include local or international exam results and high school grades.
  • Also, the Antalya Belem University Scholarship and the Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarship for Medicine are available, which are fully funded scholarships that cover all tuition fees.

Salary of a human doctor in Turkey

The salaries of doctors in Turkey vary according to the degree and specialization, and the Turkish government has raised the salaries of doctors in 2023.

Monthly salaries range from 7,700₺ for the assistant, to approximately 18,000₺ for the professor.


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