Studying International Trade in Turkey
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Nowadays, International Trade has become indispensable with a growing impact since the Industrial Revolution in Europe and the emergence of many exporting countries. International trade became the main driver of goods and services that cost trillions of dollars. Turkey has occupied a unique position in international trade due to its strong economy.

Turkey is a multicultural country and an attractive destination for millions of tourists who visit it annually and thousands of international students to pursue their studies. This position is gained through the facilities provided to the students, quality of education, and affordable tuition fees compared to European countries and the United States. International Trade is one of the many specializations students can study in Turkey.

What is the major of international trade?

This specialization can be pursued at the Faculty of Commercial and Administrative Sciences (Faculty of Commerce). The students learn how the international or global market moves by focusing on market analysis, understanding marketing strategies, investment, and several necessary subjects.

International Trade specialization has become indispensable with the commercial convergence of world countries due to globalization. The graduates of this specialization will be ready to start their careers in several areas such as commercial negotiation, import and export, international market, and business operations management.

One of the advantages of International Trade specialization is associated with many other fields such as e-marketing, economics, international relations, and business management, providing flexibility in the labor market.

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Why might you study international trade in Turkey?

Many students dream of studying in Turkey due to its position as a significant global trade center. The following reasons also motivate the students to pursue International Trade in Turkey:

  • The economic strength of Turkey is increasing year by year due to its logistic structure.
  • Turkish universities annually attract many students to study international trade through a cadre of highly qualified senior economics and international trade professors. The study can be pursued through a Turkish scholarship or by applying directly to Turkish public or private universities.
  • The continuous need for trade, international shipping, and other commercial transaction specialists.
  • The need to enhance the cadres' capabilities in conjunction with expanding international and trade relations with the countries worldwide.

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Areas and departments of international trade specialization

The period of study for the undergraduate program does not exceed four years. The following courses will be covered during the study:

  • Introduction to Business Administration
  • Mathematics for Economists
  • Economics
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Introduction to International Politics
  • Accounting Principles
  • Statistics
  • Laws of Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Making Administrative Decisions
  • International Trade and Economy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • International Marketing Strategies
  • Production Management
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Accounting

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What are the job opportunities and functions of the international trade major?

There are many job opportunities for international trade graduates, for example:

  • Real estate companies and real estate investments
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Shipping and unloading companies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Economist and Analyst
  • Ministry of Foreign Trade
  • Economic organizations
  • Supply and Logistics Centers
  • Import and export companies

The graduates can also work in the e-marketing field as a marketer for shipping companies, real estate, or imports and exports.

What are the most famous Turkish universities that study international trade?

Several Turkish universities offer International Trade specialization. You can get admission either through Turkish scholarship or as self-finance, especially if you seek to study in private universities. We will present the most prominent universities and their tuition fees.







Istanbul Bilgi



Istanbul Aydin



Istanbul Okan





Isatnbul Medipol



Istanbul Gilişim





Istanbul Kültür











Postgraduate studies in international trade in Turkey

Master in International Trade:

The international trade specialization is not only available for undergraduate students. You can also obtain a master's degree in International Trade at many Turkish universities, which will enhance the capabilities and skills of students to secure good jobs in the international labor market.

Some of the universities to pursue a master's degree in International Trade:










Istanbul Gedik



Istanbul Gilishim









The language of study may differ from one university to another. However, the student may also study international trade either in English or Turkish after clearing the university language test. However, if the student did not manage to pass the language test, he should attend the language preparatory year and apply again.

Ph.D. in International Trade:

The best university to pursue a Ph.D. in International Commerce with a Turkish medium of instruction is:

• Yeditepe University, the tuition fee is 12,000$ (English).

Admission requirements for the international trade major in public universities in Turkey

Admission to Turkish public universities requires 

  • submitting a YÖS or SAT certificate. 
  • The clearance of the language test is also needed for the study with the English medium of instruction.
  •  These conditions are not required for admission at Turkish private universities, and it is sufficient to submit a General Certificate of Secondary Education with a minimum average of 50%.

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