Study of Automotive Engineering in Turkey

Automotive Engineering:

Automotive engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering. It is concerned with studying the dynamics of engines and the wheel drive system and explaining their production stages from the design to manufacturing, assembly, and operation. It is also dedicated to understanding the working principles of every engine, the sciences of technology, electricity, electronics, and road traffic calculation indicators for all types of vehicles.

The students of this specialization will be able to plan, design, and operate all automobiles by preparing drawings and comprehensive reports of spare parts and expenses, making them familiar with all motor aspects. They will also gain the required skills to work in a team and communicate smoothly with their team members as teamwork is necessary for this field.

Advantages of Studying in Turkey

  • The Turkish education system is well-known for its quality, and Turkish universities are among the top-ranked universities in the world.
  • Turkish universities are equipped with the latest advanced educational technologies making the Turkish certificate recognized globally.
  • Studying in Turkey is relatively cheap compared to European countries.
  • The Turkish education authority is keen to make all educational facilities close to public transportation. Moreover, it offers a special transportation card with a 50% discount for all students studying at Turkish universities.
  • Turkey encourages students to study and do research by providing clubs, social activities, university sports teams, and many different cultural activities for students of different nationalities.
  • Turkey provides many valuable scholarships for international students during their registered program (undergraduate or postgraduate). These scholarships may cover all educational and living expenses such as education fees, housing, and residency. 
  • After the above brief introduction on this specialization and knowing the advantages of studying in Turkey, we will discover together the future of the automotive industry in Turkey and the information you need to know for studying automotive engineering in Turkey.

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Advantages of Studying in Turkey

Advantages of Automotive Engineering Study in Turkey

Automotive Engineering Study in Turkey

Turkey has made a revolution in the field of the automobile industry. Therefore, it pays great attention to the development of the automotive engineering department at many Turkish universities. As mentioned before, this specialization is a branch of mechanical engineering concerned with automobiles and motors. Therefore, it is scarce in both private and public universities. However, it can be found in specific universities that will be discussed in the subsequent sections. These universities should contain all necessary equipment, technologies, and qualified faculty to teach this specialization appropriately.

The Future of Electric Vehicle Engineering in Turkey

  • Turkey aims to be the largest center for manufacturing electric cars and their batteries through its plan to invest with the "Ford-Otosan" company in the automobile industry. This can be achieved by providing all the requirements for automotive engineers to produce electric cars and batteries. It is to be noted that during 2020, Turkey exported more than 900,000 vehicles to nearly 180 countries around the world.
  • Turkey also revealed the first Turkish electric car named "TOGGLE" with five different models. These cars will be produced and ready for global shipment by 2022. After that, Turkey will begin producing the first sport and non-classical multi-purpose electric car (SUV) in Europe. On the other hand, Turkey strives to increase the number of programmers from 170,000 to more than 500 thousand as programming is becoming the most important component of modern technology.

 What Turkey has done so far is an unprecedented success in automotive engineering, as the design of the car has won the admiration of many car enthusiasts in the world, expressing that the Turkish car is distinguished from European cars such as Tesla and others.

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Duration of Automotive Engineering Study in Turkey

The duration of studying the automotive engineering specialization is only four years, during which the students will be prepared academically and practically to be ready for the labor market. One of the graduation prerequisites is to work in the same field for a certain period specified by the university. Moreover, the students must correctly implement the gained knowledge during their studies. The students will be under the supervision of university professors and specialists in the field whose task is to evaluate the students' performance, ensure students' competency, and award them the equivalent scientific degree.

Courses of Automotive Engineering in Turkey

Dear student, if you are wondering about the courses to be studied during the first years of the automotive engineering program, here are some of them:

  • Fundamentals of Drawing and Designing Engines
  • Fundamentals of Security and Safety at Work
  • Electrical and Electronics Sciences
  • Thermodynamics and its Transmission
  • Statistics and Analysis.
  • Combustion and Fuel Systems
  • Engine Components
  •  Automobile Mechanics
  • Steering System and Brakes 
  • Engines Design and Measuring the Performance of Vehicles

The fourth-year includes a few academic courses and the graduation project and field training.

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Jobs and Areas of Work for Automotive Engineering Graduates in Turkey

  • Auto parts manufacturing and maintenance centers
  • Production line companies
  • Transport companies of all kinds, whether land, sea, or air
  • Educational bodies in industrial schools
  • Car agency companies
  • Companies for designing mechanical systems for machines
  • You can also work as a mechanical expert at one of the specialized companies in the field.
  • Turkish Universities to Study Automotive Engineering (Public and Private)

Turkish Universities to Study Automotive Engineering (Public and Private)

This specialization is relatively new, and it is offered by a few universities in Turkey and worldwide. The automobile engineering faculties are distributed among ten Turkish private and public only.

This specialization is available in Turkish at public universities and English at private universities.

Turkish Private Universities to Study Automotive Engineering

Atilim University (Ankara)

  • Atilim University ranked 59th at the national level, 4th among the best Turkish universities according to the "Times Higher Education" ranking, and 2nd among the most participating Turkish universities in physics research.
  • The university has nearly 150 laboratories for scientific research and 14 different research centers. The Metal Forming Center of Excellence is the most distinguished and the first specialized research Turkish center in this field.

Istanbul Okan University (Istanbul)

  • Okan University ranked 107nd at the national level and 4255 among the best five thousand universities worldwide for 2021.
  • Okan University includes modern and advanced training centers and research institutes, including European Union Research and Application Center, the Muhammad Yunus International Center, the Cultural Studies Research Center, and Computer Research and Application Center.

Işik University (Istanbul)

  • Işık University was ranked among the best four thousand universities worldwide (4229 ranks in 2021). The university was ranked among the sixty best Turkish universities at the local level and ranked 123th  in Turkey.
  • The university has one of the most important and rich libraries in Turkey.

Yakın Doğu University (North Cyprus)

  • Yakın Doğu University is recognized globally and a member of the European University Association. It holds many quality certificates from various organizations, including the International Association of Universities, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies.

Turkish Public Universities to Study Automotive Engineering

  • Gazi University in Ankara
  • Çukurova University in Adana
  • Sivas Cumhuriyet University in Sivas
  • Afyon Kocatepe University in Mersin
  • Tarsus University in Marcin
  • Pamukkale University in Denizli

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Documents and Admission Requirements to Study Automotive Engineering in Turkey

  1. Passport Copy.
  2. Student ID number "residence"
  3. Original High School Diploma
  4. Original transcript of General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)
  5.  Four personal photographs
  6. University acceptance letter
  7. Fees payment receipts
  8. Equivalency Certificate of General Certificate of Secondary Education 

Some universities require English proficiency certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL, or TÖMER. However, it is not compulsory for admission. If one of these certificates is not available, the student should appear for an English test at the registered university. If the student did not pass the test, he should attend a language preparatory year before starting the registered program.

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Expenses and prices of Automotive Engineering Study in Turkey

Expenses and prices of Automotive Engineering Study in Turkey

The tuition fees for the automotive engineering specialization range from 2665$ to 9800$. The government and Turkish universities give many scholarships and waivers annually to international students.

In conclusion, automotive engineering is on the way to being one of the most sought-after fields in the local and global labor market, requiring continuous training and practice to fill the gaps that occur due to its rapid development. Therefore, the seekers of this specialization need to develop themselves and increase their skills to be a difference-maker among international car companies.

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