Studying Double Major in Turkey
StudyFans Date : 14 Mar 24

Have you ever met someone who obtained two bachelor's degrees in two different specializations in a time-shortened period?

What do you think if you can do this in Turkey's universities?

You can certainly do that by applying for a "Double Major" in Turkey's universities.

So, continue reading this article; you will find everything you need to know about the "Double Major" in Turkey.

What is a double major?

A double major is a study program that allows you to study two different specializations simultaneously and obtain two separate degrees as a bachelor's student.

The double major is within the same college, for example, computer engineering and software engineering, business and finance administration, and many others.

What are the double major requirements?

Many Turkish universities are looking forward to having their students outstanding and skilled in different labor markets, so they offer the double major quickly and with straightforward and uncomplicated terms.

- Double major students have to meet the requirements for both specializations, which is often easy because they have already been accepted into the first specialization.

- The application for the double major begins after the student has completed his first academic year.

- The student must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) for the first academic year of at least 2.5 - which is easy to obtain - to have the possibility of enrolling in the double major.

Information you need to know before starting your double major

The student must coordinate with the academic supervisor at the university or the so-called advisor to arrange the schedule of lectures and exams, so there will be no conflict in the study and time.

Specialists in the university can be a great source and provide insights into whether a double major can improve your chances of getting a job and succeeding in your chosen field.

Before committing to a double major, make sure you understand the course requirements for each specialization and that you will be able to achieve your goals.

A large part of the second major is about the basics of the student's primary major, and repetitive subjects are omitted in both specializations.

The duration of the double major is often more than studying the primary major by only one academic year because the differences in the study subjects are not many.

If the student submits a graduation project that combines the two majors, it will be a source of strength for him in his certificate and will distinguish him from the rest of the students, also will get him better grades in the graduation project.

What are the double major advantages?

  • The second major is free of charge.
  • It allows students to increase their job opportunities after graduation.
  • A study published by the University of Cambridge found that double majors' students usually earned more than those with only one major.
  • You will receive a more comprehensive education and unique skills that you can use in your career and broaden your horizons.
  • Make your CV stand out from the rest of other graduates.
  • It can give you a backup plan if your career changes or if you can't get a job, for example.
  • The student will eventually obtain two bachelor's degrees for completing the two majors, each separately.

What are the disadvantages of a double major?

- Double major can reduce your free time; as a result, you may not be able to participate in as many activities or spend time with friends.

- It can extend the amount of time you spend studying, so make sure you know all the course requirements for each of your majors before deciding.

- You may have difficulty balancing your class schedule significantly if the course times overlap, so it is advised to consult a specialist at the university, as mentioned before.

- The division of academic concentration may affect your GPA. You need to be fully committed to both majors and be prepared to devote plenty of time to studying and preparing for both.

Should I study one major, or am I satisfied with one major?

You must know that about 25% of all university students specialize in two different majors in their bachelor's degree.

This study program aims to provide the opportunity to obtain a second certificate in a major during the four-year program. The minor is intended for outstanding students who want to gain knowledge in another field while continuing with their original program.

A double major is worth the effort if you are passionate about the fields, you are studying and have a clear vision of how you plan to use your specializations in your career.

Before deciding, you must know everything required from you, the advantages, and disadvantages of the double major, which are determined by each student's personality.

What are the Turkish universities that provide a double major study?

  • Istanbul Medipol University.
  • -Maltepe University.
  • Istanbul Bilgi University.
  • Istanbul Aydın University.
  • Istanbul Şehir University.
  • Bahçeşehir University.
  • Haliç University.
  • Nişantaşı University.
  • Üsküdar University.
  • Özyeğin University.
  • Sabahattin Zaim University.

What specializations in which I can study two majors together?

Specializations in which a student can study a double major:

  • Engineering and architecture.
  • Medical sciences.
  • Economics, administrative, and social sciences.
  • Fine arts.
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