Why study Industrial Engineering ?
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What is industrial engineering?

  • Industrial engineering is one of the departments that has a huge impact on innovation and improvement. Industrial engineers use knowledge from mathematics, science, and engineering in order to solve complex problems.
  • Based on deep analysis, industrial engineers use the knowledge they have gained throughout all the years of studying, along with the skills they have acquired, in order to improve systematic processes.
  • They analyze human interactions within the system in order to increase productivity through management. They implement a system that ensures the best quality of work in many industries.
  • Studying industrial engineering usually takes about 4 years. During your university education in this department, you will be able to gain immense knowledge, mostly related to mathematics and science. Generally, you will also have analysis-based courses and other courses teaching process management and control.

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Why study industrial engineering?

  • Caring about people and society is one of the main reasons that might encourage you to go into this field. You can make people’s lives better by offering them simpler ways to tackle the complex problems they face. You come up with the best,easiest, and most economical way to do a task.
  • Studying industrial engineering provides you with practical knowledge that benefits you in the real world. The ability to analyze things around you and always come up with creative solutions really strengthens your creative muscle. This creativity is the basis of innovation.
  • The department of industrial engineering is widely known for the high quality of education provided in Turkey. Turkish universities are well-known for providing facilities and labs that enhance the quality of education for their students.

Where to study industrial engineering?

Turkey is one of the best countries globally known for affordable, high-quality education. In order to apply to universities in Turkey.

Have you made your decision to study in Turkey, but you’re on a tight budget? There are many universities in Turkey that provide engineering departments that combine the quality of education with economic standards.

Studying industrial engineering in Turkey is widely available at a lot of universities in the country. Many universities in Turkey offer engineering programs in English, which is important for international students.

So, which universities offer industrial engineering? Here is a list of the top globally ranking universities that offer the best engineering programs in English:

The industrial engineering program fees range widely to fit many economic classes and their different needs. The fees normally range from around $2600 to about $20,000 at the universities listed above. All of these universities offer the industrial engineering program in English, so you can easily study in Turkey in English.

Why Turkey?

If the question Why Turkey?” popped into your head, then you still don’t know about the quality of education and the diversity of students and cultures in almost all the Turkish universities. Turkey is considered one of the best places around the world for you to study industrial engineering abroad. The universities’ fees in this country are very affordable compared to many countries around the world.

If you are still hesitant about choosing Turkey as a country to study in, imagine visiting beautiful Istanbul and exploring two continents at once. Allow me to persuade you with 10 reasons to study in Turkey that will definitely make you take this step and book your flight.

Industrial engineering jobs in Turkey

Industrial engineering jobs have a wide variety. You are able to work at any company in any industry because industrial engineers are vital to ensuring prosperity in all fields. Some of the job opportunities that you can work at are:

  • Industrial engineer: You can become a process engineer, a quality engineer, or a production engineer.

  • Field Engineer (Technician): You will be working on installing, repairing, and maintaining machines and equipment.

  • Mechanical Engineer: You will be working with mechanical systems and products through designing, developing, and testing.

  • Sales Engineer: You would be working on the sales of industrial products and services as well as providing technical support to customers.

  • Planning Engineer: You will develop detailed and functional plans for industrial projects and implement them.

The industrial engineering salary in Turkey is generally competitive, which encourages many people to work in the field.

Industrial engineering skills 

Working in this field, you creatively solve complex problems in production, service management, and control. You design, develop, analyze, and optimize complex processes and systems.

Any position in the field of industrial engineering requires you to always be thinking of new, creative ways to make systems better, more economical, and easier for people to use.

Skills that help you become an industrial engineer:

  • Problem solving

  • Creative thinking

  • Curiosity

  • Drive for innovation

Industrial engineering is a very creative field. It is vital to ensure innovation and prosperity all around the world. People in this field are great thinkers, analyzers, and problem solvers. Without this field, many systems in our lives would have been so complex and in desperate need of simplifying.

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If you are still hesitant about choosing the department of industrial engineering, make a comparison between the engineering departments in Turkey. Don’t lose the motivation to study engineering in Turkey. Learning more about other engineering departments available in Turkey will help you make the right decision.

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