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The pursuit of mastering a foreign language is no longer a secondary matter, as many jobs nowadays require possessing one or more languages; therefore, mastering several languages increases the chance of getting the job.

Learning a new language requires two essential things: the first is willingness and determination. The second is the passion for learning, which motivates the individual to dedicate enough time to this practice. Perhaps, the Turkish language is one of the most increased languages in demand ​​today for several reasons.

There are many reasons for mastering and learning the Turkish language, including traveling to Turkey to work, study, or even reside there. The three matters, especially those related to work, require mastery of the language for helping the holder to easily deal with his superiors and subordinates since breaking the language barrier opens many doors and facilitates social communication.

When you start learning a new language, you should not put barriers and obstacles in your road by the prior judgment of a language as complex or difficult; thus, judging yourself to fail even before learning a single letter. 

First of all, you must firmly believe that learning the Turkish language is possible and easy, governed by two main factors: repetition and practice.

The path to Study the Turkish language

Studying  the Turkish language can be done in two ways:

The first way is to be a self-learner without resorting to institutes and institutions. This can be achieved through your smartphone or computer, thousands of lessons available on YouTube, and hundreds of links on the Internet.

The second way is through reliable and reputed institutes, institutions, and universities, including a group of accredited teachers. Some centers in your country offer multiple options to study the Turkish language, and their addresses and prices can be obtained using the Internet.

Turkish language levels

In Turkey, there are two curricula for studying the Turkish language, the Tomer curriculum, and the Yunus Emre curriculum

As for the "Tomer" curriculum: the language studying is divided into 5 levels.

As for the "Yunus" Emre curriculum, language learning is divided into three levels: (basic level - intermediate level - advanced level), and each level is divided into two parts (A, B). The student is subjected to a test at each level. Upon success, he will be qualified for the next level.

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The expected duration of studying the Turkish language

As we mentioned earlier, the stages of studying the Turkish language consist of 3 levels. Each level needs 7-9 weeks. For example, the duration of studying the basic level at "Tomer" Institute takes 8 weeks, 16 hours per week, with a total of 128 hours for the level. This duration is similar for the other levels. 

Therefore, learning the Turkish language may take from 7 to 9 months.

The cost of learning the Turkish language

The cost of studying each level ranges between 2000-2750₺. Therefore, the cost reaches 8,000₺ to complete all three levels, including books, study tools, and educational CDs for each level.

Turkish language institutes

Another way to study the Turkish language is through well-known language centers inside Turkey. These centers are what many Arab students in Turkey, or travelers who intend to work, study, reside in Turkey are looking for.   

  1. Tömer Institute

Official Website : click here.

Information about the Tomer Institute

  • The Tömer Institute, established by Ankara University in 1984, is one of the best institutes to teach international students the Turkish language.
  • The Tömer Institute has seven branches in Turkey and an eighth branch in the capital of South Korea (Seoul), with about 16,000 students annually. In addition to the Turkish language, it provides other languages, including English, German, French, and others.

Tömer program

  • The study program at the Tömer Institute, known as the " Tömer Curriculum" of Ankara University, consists of 5 levels. Each level consists of two courses with an 80 hours duration for each course.
  • For the student outside Turkey, he\she can register for one course, which is "half-level" and pay the required cost to obtain an official letter supporting him in obtaining an entry visa (Visa).
  • Thereafter, the student can complete the legal formalities through the Turkish embassy to obtain the study visa in Turkey.
  • It should be noted that the cost of one course (half-level) is non-refundable. It is in return for registering for one course and not limited to obtaining the acceptance letter only. Moreover, the student can start the registered course and learn the Turkish language upon his arrival in Turkey. 
  • Suppose the Turkish embassy refuses to grant you a study visa in your country. In that case, you will not be able to refund the course registration fees according to the Tomer Institute regulations for international students.

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Curriculum at the Tömer Institute

  • Intensive course:

The duration of this course is one and a half months, divided into 5 days a week. The timings are (morning: from 9 am to 1 pm or evening: from 2 pm to 6 pm).

  • Regular course:

The duration of this course is two months, divided into 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday). The timings are from 2 pm to 5 pm or from 6 pm to 9 pm.


The fees for one course at the Tömer Institute are 19,200₺  for the regular or intensive courses and in all institute branches.


  1. Dilmer Institute

Official Website: click here.

Dilmer Institute

  • The Dilmer Institute for teaching the Turkish language, accredited by the Ministry of National Education, is one of Turkey's most famous private institutes.
  • The institute works to enable language learners to reach the specified level in each course following the frame of reference for European languages to develop all language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, through the use of modern and advanced teaching methodologies.

Education levels at Dilmer Institute

The language education program at Dilmer Institute is divided into 7 main levels: two for the basic level, two for the intermediate level, and 3 for the upper intermediate level.

Any student can move between these levels if he fulfills the requirements for success in each of them.

Features of the Dilmer Institute

  • Qualified and professional teachers are assigned to teach the courses for each level. They are also responsible for formulating the institute's curriculum to suit all language levels, from basic to advanced.
  • These courses have flexible and diverse timing schedules as the morning, afternoon, evening, and even weekend sessions.
  • There are also regular and intensive courses. In addition, stand-alone language courses and language courses with social events such as tours, sports activities, and summer trips.
  • This institute receives international students from all over the world. Moreover, the accepted students have the opportunity to obtain a study visa in Turkey upon submitting the acceptance letter to any of the Turkish consulates or embassies in their countries or countries of residence.
  • Students of the institute also obtain a certificate and a residence permit from the responsible government authority in their city.

Duration of study at Dilmer Institute and expenses

  • The duration and tuition fees of the courses differ. The morning courses range from 4 to 8 hours with 12 to 20 weekly learning hours. They are held every day or 3 days a week, and the corresponding fees range from 1440$.
  • For the weekend courses, the total number of hours ranges from 6 to 72 hours with a duration of one week to 12 weeks.


  1. Language Center - Istanbul University

  • İstanbul Üniversitesi
  • Yabancı Diller Bölümü


  • Kemeraltı Cad. No: 29 & Tophane Tramvay Durağı
  • İstanbul/Türkiye


  • The Language Center of Istanbul University is considered one of its oldest institutions, as it dates back to the thirties of the last century. This place bore the name "School of Foreign Languages" formerly.
  • The center is concerned with teaching foreign languages ​​and Turkish as a foreign language. The study in this center follows the semester system associated with the academic calendar. Therefore, the educational courses are held over 3 academic semesters.
  • These courses are designed following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​and according to the students' educational objectives. The dates of these courses are announced regularly.

Levels of the Language Center at Istanbul University

The Turkish language courses at the Language Center of Istanbul University are divided into 5 levels. These levels are classified as:

  • Basic (A1-A2)

Intermediate (B1-B2).

  • Advanced (C1)

Some of these courses include social and recreational activities, including tours and film screenings, to promote the integration of learners with the new language and culture so that they can communicate with their surroundings.

Timings and Expenses

  • Courses are offered on flexible schedules, morning, evening, and even weekends.
  • Course fees vary according to their type and the branch in which they are offered.
  • For example, morning courses of up to 7 weeks require a fee of 280.

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  1. Yunus Emre Institute

Official websit: click here.

  1. Language Institute - Ankara University Istanbul Branch

  • Ankara Üniversitesi TÖMER İstanbul Taksim Şubesi
  • tomer-taksim


  • Katip Çelebi Mah. Tel Sok. No: 47
  • Taksim/İstanbul/Türkiye
  1. Language Institute - Ankara University

  • Ankara Üniversitesi TÖMER
  • kizilaysube


  • Ankara Üniversitesi Gölbaşı Yerleşkesi
  • Bahçelievler Mahallesi H Blok
  • Gölbaşı/Ankara/Türkiye
  1. Language Institute- Ege University

  • Ege Üniversitesi Yabancı
  • Diller Bölümü


  • Ege Üniversitesi
  • Türk Dünyası Araştırmaları Enstitüsü
  • Bornova – İzmir – Türkiye

As for those in Turkey, it is better to rely on a trusted person to find the best place to study the Turkish language to avoid scams. It is also recommended to study the language in the city you live in or the one you want to continue your university. You can certainly write to us to help and guide you to find the best ways and institutes to learn the Turkish language as a free service.

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