The Complete Guide to Study Translation in Turkey
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Translation and interpretation is a dream field for a lot of students, especially in Turkey where they offer more than a few programs that are recognized worldwide.

Translation and interpretation is a bridge between countries to exchange cultures and have effective communication between the translator and the target audience. The translation and interpretation department has gone through a plethora of changes and evolutions until it reached this state.

This article will discuss all details about translation and interpretation for the students who want to pursue a degree in this department worldwide and in Turkey specifically and have a job either remote or on-site.

Advantage of Studying Translation and Interpretation in Turkey

  • Universities offer training and internships in different fields during your academic years.
  • Graduates of Governmental and private universities managed to find work in Turkey in comparison with amateur translators.
  • In addition, Turkey encourages students to broaden their horizons by following a strategy that offers lifelong learning and reading.
  • Translators are known to be readers and writers in the first place, so Turkish universities offer a suitable environment that supports and helps the students communicate with the outside world.

That’s why Turkey has become the first destination to study translation and interpretation for all foreign students as it has a combination of cultures and it’s a bridge between east and west.

What are the acceptance rates for translation majors in Turkey?

You can study translation and interpretation with a minimum high school grade of 60%.

As for the time for the student to respond with acceptance or rejection, it does not exceed 10 days.

What are the most important translation specialties in Turkey?

Academic Translation

Is a specialized field in translating academic articles, scientific papers, journals, and thesis.

Medical Translation

This is a sensitive field that requires experienced translators, they mainly deal with translating training materials, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and drug datasheets.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is an intricate field because it’s not only dealing with linguistics but with culture as well, it also requires extensive knowledge of the countries’ laws and legal systems.

Sworn Translation

In this field, the translators have a big responsibility as they must accept the responsibility for the translation accuracy. They work with official documents like birth certificates, and university certificates.


It is one of the most enjoyable fields of translating and interpretation, as you read documents, articles, or research papers and adjust the flow of the texts or fix any spelling and grammatical errors you may find in the documents, which requires an immense knowledge of both languages you are translating to and translating from to have a correct and free-flowing document.

What are the salaries of translators in Turkey?

Translators’ salaries in Turkey exceed 4300 Turkish lira as the minimum wage is 4200 Turkish lira, and it can reach between 6980 and 9100 Turkish liras monthly.

P.S.: translation prices may differ in Turkey depending on the market, region, experience, and language.

What are the best private Turkish universities to study translation?

1-Aydin University

 It has translation and interpretation from Turkish language to English, Arabic, and Russian languages.

It offers the graduates from the translation and interpretation department work opportunities in Turkish private and governmental companies.

2-Bilkent University

  • It was ranked number 54 out of 359 best universities in Asia according to the QS university ranking website.
  • Bilkent University ranked in the top 3 universities in Turkey for best education.
  • Bilkent University graduates can find job opportunities easier than most universities in Turkey according to a survey conducted in 2018.

3-çankaya University

The university allows students who wish to study in the English language to take a one-year training course to learn the basics of the language. Students who are about to graduate are also entitled to resume submitting their courses and exams in the summer.

4-Atilim University

  • One of the best Turkish private universities, located in the capital Ankara with its breathtaking nature, according to TES global ranking, Atilim University was the fourth university in the education and research category.
  • Also, it was the second-best university in Turkey and was listed as number 62 out of 300 universities from “BRICS” countries for an emerging economy.
  • Atilim university offers editorial and simultaneous translation programs, and these programs are similar to the ones offered in other European universities.

5-Yasar University

  • The translation and interpretation department at Yasar University is a 4-year program.
  • Yasar University has close relations with many private companies and government institutes that are looking to hire translation and interpretation graduates.
  • Yasar University used to collaborate with the European Union regarding the translation department.

What are the best public universities in Turkey to study translation?

  1. Bogazici University
  2. Hacettepe University
  3. Faculty Science and LettersRead also: How to Write a Recommendation Letter 2023?

What are the most important conditions for studying in Turkey for translation students?

The conditions and documents required to study in private universities are much simpler, and high school grades are lower compared with governmental universities, as most universities accept students with a minimum 60%.

The required documents are:

  1. Passport photocopy.
  2. High school diploma notarized (in English or Turkish).
    If you haven’t finished your high school diploma, a first-semester certificate will suffice.
  3. High school transcript notarized (in English or Turkish).
  4. Personal photo.
  5. English language certificate (if available).

Extra certificates can help you get a scholarship, so if you have any it’s best to attach them to your application.

For governmental universities you will also need:

  1. SAT or ACT certificate.
  2. Some universities only accept the YOS exam.

P.S.: Some governmental universities have an entrance exam for international students, and the required documents must be translated into Turkish language, and you should submit both the original and the translated documents.

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Tuition Fee for Translation and Interpretation Department in Turkey

Here are the tuition fees for the best 7 universities in Turkey that offer translation and interpretation programs:
















100,230 ₺


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