Turkish universities are among the best globally in 2024!

Turkish universities are among the best globally in 2024!
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 24 Jun 24

Turkish universities top the global scene in 2024 impact rankings

Turkish universities emerged remarkably in the 2024 impact rankings issued by Times Higher Education, achieving advanced positions among the top 300 universities in the world. Türkiye is the country with the largest number of universities on the list of the top 200 universities in the world.

The classification showed the excellence of Turkish universities in three main areas:

  • Quality of education: Istanbul Technical University ranked 34th globally in this field, while Middle East Technical University entered the list of the top 100 universities.
  • Eradicating poverty: Abdullah Gul University ranked 5th globally in this field, while the Middle East Technical University emerged among the top 100 universities.
  • Combating climate change: Abdullah Gul University once again distinguished itself by ranking fifth globally in the “Commitment to Combating Climate Change” category, while ranking seventh in the “Climate Action” category.

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In addition to this distinction, Turkish universities have emerged in other areas such as good health and well-being, with Turkey having the highest average scores in the world.

Phil Batty, Global Relations Officer at Times Higher Education Rankings, praised this achievement, appreciating the contribution of Turkish universities to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially in the areas of education, poverty eradication and combating climate change.

This success is attributed to the continuous efforts made by the Turkish government to support higher education and enhance the role of universities in scientific research and community service. 

Turkish universities are also an attractive destination for international students from different parts of the world, which contributes to exchanging knowledge and experiences and enhancing international cooperation.

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The latest rankings of Turkish universities globally

According to the British Times (THE), some Turkish universities rank highly among the top 300 universities around the world, such as:

The University

World Rankings 2024

Istanbul Technical 


Middle East Technical 


Abdullah Gul 




Yildiz Technical 





The 2024 Impact Rankings are a strong testimony to Turkish universities’ commitment to achieving sustainable development, and enhancing their role in building better societies and a brighter future.

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