StudyFans signs an exclusive agency contract with Al-Biruni

StudyFans signs an exclusive agency contract with Al-Biruni
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 13 May 24

StudyFans signs an exclusive agency contract with Al-Biruni

As a result of our keenness to provide distinguished services to our students and overcome all obstacles facing them, StudyFans -the leading study company in Turkey- announced the signing of an exclusive agency contract with Al-Biruni University, one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. 

Through that contract, StudyFans provides exclusive discounts to students wishing to register at Al-Biruni University.

Mr. Hisham -the representative of StudyFans- expressed his gratitude for this big step, expressing his welcome for signing the important partnership contract with Al-Biruni University, as it is one of the best Turkish private universities, and one of the most attractive Turkish universities for international students.

The representative of Al-Biruni University also expressed his full confidence in StudyFans as the university’s exclusive agent and expressed his welcome to all international students and promised to create a suitable study environment for them.

Advantages of studying at Al-Biruni University

  • Diversity of languages:

The university offers most study programs in English and Turkish, providing students with the opportunity to master a new language and gain international communication skills.

  • Turkish language support:

  The university offers a free program to study the preparatory year of the Turkish language, which helps students wishing to study programs in the Turkish language to quickly develop their language skills.

  • Scholarships:

  The university offers generous scholarships to foreign students, giving them the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education at affordable prices.

  • Health Sciences:

Biruni University is one of the leading institutions in the field of health sciences in Turkey, offering distinguished study programs in various medical and health specializations.

  • The library:

The university includes a huge library rich in books and scientific resources, allowing students to access the information and resources necessary for their studies and research.

  • University life:

The university provides many student clubs and recreational activities, which help students get involved in the university community and make new friends.

  • Innovative programs:

The university offers a unique study program known as the Young Scientist Training Programme, which gives talented students the opportunity to participate in advanced research projects under the supervision of highly experienced professors.

  • Continuous development:

Biruni University keeps pace with the latest developments in various scientific fields, and keeps its technologies and curricula updated periodically.

  • Double major:

The university allows students to study two majors at the same time or to study a shortened major, which enhances their skills and expands their professional horizons.

  • Free to move between specialties:

  The university allows students the free to move between its various majors, giving them the opportunity to change their academic path if they do not find their current major suitable for them.

  • Distinguished academic staff:

Biruni University has a strong academic staff consisting of professors and researchers with international experience and a global vision, who contribute to spreading science and enhancing knowledge.

Specializations of Al-Biruni University

Al-Biruni University offers various specializations in all fields, the most important of which are:

  • Medical specialties at Al-Biruni University
  • Physical therapy at Al-Biruni University
  • Nursing at Al-Biruni University
  • Software Engineering at Al-Biruni University
  • Dentistry at Al-Biruni University
  • Biomedical at Al-Biruni University

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