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Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 08 Feb 24

GHEDEX International Educational Exhibition in Oman 2024

StudyFans participated in the GHEDEX International Educational Exhibition in its 23rd edition, which was held in Oman between February 4-6, 2024. The exhibition included many companies representing foreign universities from various countries around the world.

StudyFans represented most private Turkish universities as an agent for many Turkish universities, and provided offers and discounts of up to 80% to Omani students and residents of Oman. Our team also answered all students’ questions and concerns about studying in Türkiye and its prices.

It is noteworthy that the students were not sufficiently aware of the various specializations offered by Turkish universities, nor were they aware that most private Turkish universities offer their programs in both Turkish and English, which surprised many students.

Accredited private Turkish universities in Oman 2024

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