Opening new majors at Gelişim University in 2024

Opening new majors at Gelişim University in 2024
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 04 Jun 24

Opening new majors at Gelişim University for 2024

Gelişim University announced on its official website the opening of new specializations for bachelor’s degrees and vocational schools in the English language for the academic year 2024-2025, which are:

  • Dentistry in English (Bachelor)
  • International Trade and Business in English (Bachelor)
  • Software Engineering in English (Bachelor)
  • New Media and communication in English (Bachelor)
  • Vehicle Technology and operator (vocational schools)
  • Court office Services  (vocational schools)
  • Computer Programming in English (vocational schools)
  • Physiotherapy in English (vocational schools)

Gelişim University Ranking

Gelişim University is ranked 2277th globally and 54th locally, according to Webometrics, a global university rankings website.

Advantages of Gelişim University

Gelişim University is an ideal destination for students seeking an advanced education characterized by many advantages, including:

  • Diversity majors: The university ranks first in Turkey in terms of the number of university majors available, which gives students wide options to choose the major that suits their ambitions.
  • Advanced infrastructure: includes modern facilities equipped with the latest technology, which provides students with a comfortable and stimulating learning environment.
  • Advanced research capabilities: Gelişim University provides students with the opportunity to benefit from a huge research complex that includes more than 140 laboratories equipped with the latest equipment, which encourages scientific research and contributes to refining students’ research skills.
  • Qualified academic staff: with extensive experience in their fields, which contributes to providing high-quality education that meets the needs of students.
  • Modern educational curricula: The university adopts modern educational curricula that keep pace with the latest developments in various fields, which helps students acquire advanced skills and experiences that qualify them for the labor market.
  • Double major programs: Gelişim University provides students with the opportunity to study two majors at the same time, allowing them to gain multiple experiences and enhance their skills in different fields.
  • Diverse student activities: The university provides students with a university environment rich in diverse student activities, as it includes 81 student clubs concerned with social, cultural, scientific and sports activities.
  • Study programs in the English language: Gelişim University offers its study programs in most majors in English in addition to the Turkish language, which provides greater study opportunities for international students and helps them learn a global language that will benefit them in their professional lives.

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