Medipol University obtains accreditation from (YÖKAK)

Medipol University obtains accreditation from (YÖKAK)
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 24 May 24

Istanbul Medipol University obtains institutional accreditation from (YÖKAK)

Istanbul Medipol University has achieved a significant Achievement by obtaining institutional accreditation by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖKAK).

This achievement comes as a culmination of the university’s efforts to improve the quality of education and services provided to students and enhance its position as one of the finest educational institutions in Turkey.

Istanbul Medipol University has been comprehensively evaluated by YÖKAK under the “Institutional Accreditation Program” which aims to ensure the quality of higher education institutions. 

The evaluation included various aspects of the university's work, including quality assurance processes, education and training, research and development, social contribution, and management system. The university has proven its efficiency and excellence in all these fields, which has qualified it to obtain institutional accreditation.

On this occasion, the President of Medipol University expressed his happiness with this achievement, stressing the university’s permanent commitment to providing high-quality education that meets the needs of students and the labor market. He also praised the efforts of all faculty and staff who contributed to achieving this achievement.

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Advantages of studying at Medipol University

  • Learning at Medipol University is an innovative educational model that provides real and specialized knowledge in various fields.
  • Since its establishment, Istanbul Medipol University has provided an international educational environment suitable for all students using all modern technological means to serve them and reach the highest level of academic training and education. 
  • Many scientific laboratories provide students and academics with multiple opportunities for scientific research. These laboratories are equipped with advanced technology and high-tech infrastructure in line with the needs of multidisciplinary research and development. 
  • The university has a large library that contributes to the development of education in various specializations, in addition to its role in supporting scientific research activities.
  • The university includes a number of counseling centers that work to guide students and provide them with personal and psychological guidance at the hands of qualified psychological experts who are equipped to support students psychologically and socially. 
  • The university includes a center for applied and health research with the latest equipment.
  • Istanbul Medipol University organizes many cultural activities, including concerts, photography competitions, and other parties in various student clubs.
  • The university is an important center for holding various sports tournaments.
  • The university has a large hall to provide students with a variety of meals from the university kitchen in a distinctive, healthy atmosphere.
  • The e-learning programs provided by the university are a great opportunity to learn without barriers, as the university has a distance education center, which works on coordinating and preparing certificate and diploma programs using various technological training tools in giving distance education courses.

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