Fener Bahçe obtains recognition from Jordan & Iraq in 2024!

Fener Bahçe obtains recognition from Jordan & Iraq in 2024!
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 16 May 24

Fener Bahçe University achieved new goals with recognition by Jordan and Iraq 2024!

Fener Bahçe University announces that it has obtained new accreditations from both Jordan and Iraq for the year 2024, as a part of its tireless pursuit of academic excellence and providing distinguished educational opportunities for its students from various Arab countries.

Recognition from the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is an important step to strengthen the position of Fanar Bahçe University in Jordan, as it allows Jordanian students to apply to study in its accredited programs and obtain recognized certificates in their country.

Recognition from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research also provides Iraqi students with the opportunity to benefit from the prestigious academic expertise of Fener Bahçe University and obtain certificates recognized in Iraq.

It is noteworthy that Fenerbahçe University offers a wide range of accredited academic programs in various fields, through its distinguished academic staff and modern infrastructure that provides a stimulating educational environment for students.

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Fenerbahce University ranking locally and globally

According to the Webmetrics website for international university rankings, Fenerbahçe University ranked 9187 globally and 176 locally among Turkish universities for the year 2024.

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