Top Scholarship Application Tips
Mariam Aboulmagd Date : 26 Apr 23

University life is so much different from school life. You get to finally pursue the dream you’ve always wanted. You are getting closer and closer to starting that career that you have always dreamed about.

Scholarships can be the best way for you to get into the college of your dreams. You enjoy both the quality education and you don’t have to worry about the fees. The important question now is “How to apply for scholarships?”

Even though universities in Türkiye are considered very affordable, especially when compared to European countries, you can still get scholarships at Turkish universities.

Scholarships can provide full coverage without you needing to pay anything throughout your university education. There can also be a specific discount percentage that they offer.

There are many scholarships available in Turkey. Each has its own specifications. So, we will talk about some scholarship tips for high school students.

How to prepare for scholarships 

Be specific 

Before you start your research for available scholarships, get to know the departments and universities that are best for you. 

Türkiye has many great universities. Some of them excel in specific departments more than others. Research the careers of the future that align with your passion, skills, and future aspirations.

Don’t distract yourself with scholarships that may be irrelevant to your goal in the future. Make up your mind on the university and industry you want to have your career in first.

Be prepared

Waiting until the last minute can make you lose the chance to apply for some scholarships. Try to start your search as early as possible so that you don’t miss any of the available opportunities. 

Check the deadlines for the scholarships that you are aiming for. You might need to start applying even before you graduate highschool.

Make a list

When applying for scholarships, you need quite a few documents. In order not to forget or mix things up, make a specific list of all the documents you need to gather before you apply.

Also, list the deadlines by which you need to submit these documents to the scholarship providers. Organization will help you feel less confused and more focused.

 How to prepare for scholarships

Scholarship Application essay Tips 

Read carefully before you write  

Make sure to read all the requirements carefully before writing your application. Using the same essay for all scholarships can harm your acceptance rate. 

Make your writing tailored to each specific scholarship. Make sure to understand the ideal student they are looking for and how you resemble them.

Make yourself memorable 

Be sure to highlight in your essay why the scholarship providers should choose you. Tell them more than Highlight the most relevant skills and achievements that you have. Write about all your unique qualities and your future aspirations. 

Don’t forget to check for grammatical mistakes and think of ways to enhance your writing.

Let others tell them about you 

Get recommendation letters from some of your high school professors and mentors. They can have a greater chance of persuading the scholarship providers. These letters can include situations that show your academic success and great potential.

Scholarship Application essay Tips

Start applying 

Don’t miss any opportunity 

Apply to all the scholarships that align with your goals. Don’t hesitate to apply to all the similar scholarships that you can find.

The more you apply, the more you increase your chances of getting accepted. Don’t miss any opportunity that could be a good chance to get a scholarship.

Get others’ opinions 

Having a friend or a family member read your essay and the application you plan on sending can help you see mistakes and typos and help you better edit your application.

It is because you have been so immersed while writing that you know what you are trying to say. But that may not be as clear to the scholarship provider, who doesn’t really know you.

Time is money 

Deadlines are the most important part of scholarships. Make sure to submit your application early in order not to miss any deadline.

Make sure you give deadlines the level of importance they deserve. Missing a deadline could make you miss an opportunity for a great scholarship.

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