How to Write a Recommendation Letter?
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In this article, we will talk about everything related to the recommendation letter, and we will answer the questions the student, researcher, and scholarship applicant are looking for, especially regarding the Turkish scholarship.

How to write a successful recommendation letter for the Turkish and other international scholarships?

We will identify strengths and weaknesses in the recommendation letter, and we will further address the dilemmas facing students.

If you are looking for successful templates of recommendation letters in Arabic or English, we have provided you with ideal samples with which you can increase your chance of acceptance and achieve your goals.

What is a recommendation letter?

  • A recommendation letter is a letter written and approved by an expert, consultant, or person of high academic standing who can recommend a student to an entity to accept his admission to a college or to continue higher academic study.
  • The recommendation letter is an essential document in an application. Through the recommendation letter, colleges obtain an overview of the applicant's personality from teachers or supervisors.
  • The recommendation letter may take different names. It can be called a letter of reference or a letter of nomination.

What are the contents of the recommendation letter?

Contents of the recommendation letter are divided into the following points:

  • The recommendation letter describes the person's qualifications and skills related to employment or education. It derives its strength from the employers, professors, colleagues, clients, or former teachers who write and endorse it.
  • The recommendation letter includes the qualities and capabilities that make a candidate fit for a particular position, college admission, or graduate study enrollment.
  • In the body of the recommendation letter, a testimonial shall be given on the student's good conduct, his scientific or community achievements, and his scientific and practical level.
  • More information about the student can be added as per the requirements to meet the desired goal. The supervisor's wishes must also be expressed towards accepting the student wherever the letter is submitted.
  • The writer shall leave his or the entity's contact information to make it possible for the recipient to contact back for reference.
  • The recommendation letters must be complete but brief. It is also necessary to specify the purpose, list the person's characteristics (preferably 2-3), and follow the delivery form approved by the recipient of the recommendation letter. The letter must also express greetings to the recipient and include the referee's contact information, and should be divided into paragraphs, with a conclusion and attachments if necessary.
  • In the event of recommendation by expertise, the letter must be based on the person-job description and performance assessment.

Elements that are preferred in the writer of the letter of recommendation

  • A brief introduction about the writer's identity, relationship, and personal experience with the person on which the letter is written.
  • Information about the entity in which the writer works, preferably compatible with the purpose of the letter and the entity receiving it.
  • A closing statement summarizing why the recommended person is a good fit for the opportunity (college, specialization, training).
  • A signature that includes the name and contact information of the writer or the approved entity.

Who is the best person to write a letter of recommendation?

  • It is vital to choose the best person to write your recommendation letter. The writer must be someone to whom one can speak directly. He must be familiar with the person in the field he is recommending.
  • Recommendation letters are usually submitted to hiring managers or admissions offices at the employer or university so that they are read, and decisions are made.
  • The academic supervisor or teacher being the writer should be related to the student's specialization or school.
  • If the recommendation letter is for a training entity, the center's administration, through the direct trainer, can write a recommendation letter for the trainee.
  • It is generally preferred that the recommendation letter be in English or translated into the language specified by the entity receiving it.
  • It is also vital to communicate in person with the entity to which the letter is submitted, whether face to face or via e-mail and other means approved by it. The letter must also be completed before the application deadline, preferably two weeks.

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What do colleges look for in a letter of recommendation?

  • Ideally, academic or business entities are looking for the true story of a student who has a passion for studying and facing challenges to reach success.
  • The personal perspective of the recommended person must be clearly stated, along with his creativity and distinction compared to his colleagues. 
  • Sometimes, the recommendation letter can be a form that should be filled out, through which the student is evaluated, considering criteria and capabilities defined by the admission entity. Upon which, the decision is made.
  • In the recommendation letter, the entity looks for students' participation in training courses and research experience. They also study his style and behavior and whether his personality fits the desired college or study.

How to write a letter of recommendation?

  • The recommendation letter must achieve its purpose. It should be written on a printed Word file, and it must be printed on papers approved by the recommendation entity, such as those with logos and official contact information.
  • Whether the recommendation letter writer is the teacher, supervisor, or anyone who is relied upon in writing such letters, his name, description, stamp, signature, and seal of the approved entity must be included.

What are the objectives of the recommendation letter?

  1. Usually, the student admissions committee work is away from meeting the students themselves so that they consider the approved documents submitted to them.
  2. One of the most important of these approved documents is the "recommendation letter". It focuses on many parts that the admissions committee is looking for, including the student's behavior, skills, intellectual capabilities, personal distinction, and academic level, along with a recommendation about his acceptance in a specific specialization and further justifications all of these express positive points in favor of the student.
  3. It is advised that the writer has knowledge of the student and that the format should be exemplary, unpretentious, and within the accepted standards. Letter content will affect the decision and provide excellent opportunities for the student in his university applications so that this letter is considered part of the student's file at the university or in the place where it was approved.
  4. The recommendation letter is needed because it contains a positive message and supports the student's candidacy without any reservations or comments suggesting weaknesses.Read also: How to begin studying in Turkey?

What are the signs of strength in a recommendation letter?

  • Relying on the international standards or the standards agreed by the entity upon the recommendation letter formats. The communication language should be formal and standard.
  • Matching the content with requirements that support the person's position, such as stating qualifications, accomplishments, fitness for study, intellectual capabilities, skills, and other things considered positive for the student.
  • Focus on the most important qualifications, latest academic degrees, research, or relevant engagements in the community.
  • For maximum impact, mention two or three of the candidate's most relevant accomplishments in the job description and provide specific examples illustrating his fitness.
  • Commitment to the date of the letter submission and through the channels approved and addressed on the recipient's side.

Sample Letters of Recommendation for Work and Grants

There are many formats of the recommendation letter. Here are examples of what a completed letter might look like:

Recommendation Letter in English - press here to read or download

Recommendation Letter in Arabic - press here to read or download

Recommendation Letter for Scholarships in English - press here to read or download

Recommendation Letter for Scholarships in Arabic - press here to read or download


It is clear how important the recommendation letter is. It must reflect a positive message about the person to be accepted by the receiving entity. Furthermore, it must be logical and realistic and must cover the behavioral, intellectual, and scientific aspects of the person because moderation will achieve persuasion and influence. At the same time, excessive exaggeration makes the recommendation letter unreal and, therefore, may be neglected so that the person may fail in reaching his goals.

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