Benefits of Traveling and Studying Abroad
StudyFans Date : 26 Apr 23

It is true that studying abroad and obtaining international degrees not only broadens your horizons and increases your career-securing opportunities but also enriches your life with many social experiences. One of the most important advantages of studying abroad is knowing more about different cultures, especially if you are unfamiliar with the country you study in and have not previously explored its culture through the different TV shows.

We always think the whole world knows and appreciates our beliefs and agrees with our vision of life; however, studying abroad teaches us that concepts, beliefs, and cultures, which we consider postulates, are relative things!

Advantages of Studying Abroad

Practicing Foreign Languages

 If you are from a first-world country, you need to learn some foreign languages ​​to help you during your study abroad. For example, suppose you seek to enroll in Turkish universities. In that case, you need to learn English or Turkish to study and communicate with others from different countries and cultures.

Therefore, studying abroad will help you improve your language skills if you want to join an international company and enable you to study books and references in a foreign language without the need for translation and waiting for the translated versions.

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Boosting your Self-confidence

The different challenges and new difficulties you path through while studying abroad will hone your personality and increase your confidence. Moreover, they help you to overcome your fears of trying new things and find joy in these experiences!

 Increasing your self-confidence will allow you to make more friends and join diverse circles with different cultures and languages. These friendships may last forever because the bonds you create under challenging situations will last more.

Improving your Education

Some countries have poor education, and if you live in one of these countries, studying abroad may significantly improve your education and earn you excellent knowledge.

However, you may face difficulties adapting to higher education levels as the exams will be more challenging while studying in countries with advanced educational systems.

Advanced Learning and Teaching Technologies

If you are studying abroad at a reputed university, you could also benefit from advanced teaching techniques and learning methods.

Many universities keep pace with the technological advances of digitization and provide several learning platforms which can significantly improve your educational experience.

Advantages of Studying Abroad

Better Personal Support for Students

While studying abroad, you will obtain better personal support than at the local universities, as most of these elite universities maintain a reasonable student-teacher ratio to provide every student with sufficient guidance and attention.

This guidance is especially required with different teaching methods and syllabi. Therefore, you need to adjust your way of learning, which is not bad as you will grasp new learning methods.

Being Independent

Another benefit of studying abroad is learning how to become independent. Some students, especially those living with their families during their studies, are not independent and depend on their parents, even for laundry and cooking.

If you are one of those students, you should study abroad for at least one semester. This study abroad will teach you to be self-dependent, which is crucial for several aspects of your future life.

We all agree that we love staying within our comfort zone.

If you plan to work in a specific country, studying in the same country before starting work can improve your language skills and adapt to the new culture much faster, which may increase your chances of getting a job.

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Better Personal Support for Students

Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad may seem like a very smooth path waiting for you to start; however, it has some difficulties and challenges. I do not have to remind you that they are just challenges, and you will overcome them sooner or later with dedication and patience. So, do not let them hold you back from achieving your dreams.

High Cost of Travel

It is costly to buy a flight ticket, find a house to rent, pay the tuition fees, and if you're unlucky, the currency will not be in your favor.

If you get admission through the cultural exchange programs, you will pay the standard living expenses. However, if you are a self-financed student it means a lot of money!

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Missing Events at Home

Many things will likely happen in your home country during your study abroad. You could miss your best friend's birthday or other huge events back home.

There is no way to compensate for it but remember that you also make unforgettable memories that cannot be experienced back home!

Cultural Shock

You have likely heard others talk about culture shock before, which briefly means all the differences you experience abroad can make you feel uneasy and homesick. There will always be certain things that you will take a while to get used to during your study journey!

Fortunately, you can overcome this cultural shock by keeping in contact with friends and family back home and making friends in the new country, interacting with their culture and beliefs. Be sure you are not alone in this and all your fresh international friends will experience the same with you.

Keep in mind and remember that this is a temporary feeling and you will adapt soon and gradually find your way into this new environment. On the other hand, the reverse culture shock also exists in which you may feel sad and miss your life abroad when you return home. Do not worry; this is also completely normal, and you will shortly re-adjust to old life.

Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

Language and Cultural Barriers 

This challenge is closely related to culture shock and is among other cons of studying abroad. The inability to speak the language of the country you travel to may frustrate you and make it hard to find your route, shop at the supermarket, or talk to the locals.

This language barrier may also result in a cultural barrier you must break down. But again, you are not alone! Many other international students are facing the same problem!

It is essential to talk about it and not get discouraged or frustrated! You may need to attend language courses before traveling or at your university abroad after travel. In this way, you'll be able to overcome this barrier!

Feeling of Loneliness 

There is nothing to worry about this feeling. It is entirely normal to feel lonely from time to time because you have chosen to travel and live in a new country on your own.

Think about it differently! How great is it to make new friends and experience new life? You will surely miss your friends and family at home, making you feel lonely. However, there is nothing better to overcome this loneliness than exploring a new country, hanging out with your new friends, and remembering that you are not alone in this!

These were all the pros and cons of studying abroad agreed upon by students that you will also experience and find!

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