The Best Administrative Specializations in Turkey
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Administrative specializations in Turkish universities are eminent because they provide academic, practical, and training services. Also, they offer high-level academic degrees in bachelor's, master's, and doctoral graduate studies.

The study of administrative specializations in Turkish universities prepares students to join many jobs. They enroll in scientific courses within the universities and their affiliated institutions or several Turkish and international organizations.

The Turkish universities are well-known for the fact that they offer many options in the administrative specializations, including:

  • Aviation Management.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • International Management.
  • Investment Management.

Advantages of studying administrative specializations in Turkey

  • The geographical location and climate of Turkey, in addition to the fantastic landscapes, is an attractive and unique factor for studying at its various universities.
  • Administrative specializations in Turkish universities are rising to the standards of the international universities in terms of courses, training, and student preparation.
  • Students in Turkey can choose from more than two hundred universities divided into public and private universities to study different administrative specializations.
  • Everyday life and transportation for international students are available in Turkey, especially in cities such as Istanbul, which has risen to be a European city, and the student can adapt and bear the costs of university fees and accommodation.

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Best universities that provide business administration in Turkey

Admission by the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in the Turkish universities 

  • The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or the YÖS exam is one of the admission requirements to most Turkish universities, especially the major ones. A GCSE is required in private universities and a YÖS certificate in public universities.
  • Some universities determine the YÖS admission exam grades so that students can be accepted into the desired specializations, regardless of the GCSE averages.
  • Some Turkish universities do not set any admission requirements, but they may differentiate between applicants based upon the GCSE average and passing some approved tests, such as the American SAT or the Turkish YÖS exam.

Duration of study of administrative specializations in the Turkish universities

  • The program for obtaining a bachelor's degree in administrative specializations in Turkish universities takes four years, with a preparatory year in which the student learns the Turkish language.
  • International students or Turkish university graduates of administrative specializations can continue higher studies to obtain master's and doctoral degrees.

Personal characteristics of administrative specializations students in Turkey 

  • Various personal skills such as communication, innovative and creative thinking.
  • Capability to work for long and under pressure.
  • Passion for self-development and knowledge development.
  • Having leadership skills, decision-making, problem-solving, challenges, and risk
  • management.

The best-expected job opportunities for administrative specializations graduates

Manager in the following domains:

  • Business Development.
  • Training.
  • Sales.
  • Human Resources.
  • Projects.
  • Marketing.
  • Public Relations.
  • Health Services.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Business Consultant.

The best-expected job opportunities for administrative specializations graduates

The importance of studying aviation management in Turkey

  • Aviation management specialization focuses on teaching and educating students on the principles of designs, production, and what is related to maintenance of aviation devices, especially aircraft.
  • Aviation management specialization focuses on the scientific training of students on aircraft piloting, as well as other means of aviation. Students are also trained in various fields related to aviation management.
  • Aviation management graduates get great opportunities to join jobs classified as elite, and employees in aviation management enjoy prestigious positions, rewards, and high salaries.

Conditions and advantages of studying aviation management  in Turkey

  • Aviation management is one of the administrative specializations that are characterized by high technologies in academic studies, in addition to various high-level skill aspects.
  • Teaching aviation management is fulfilled by supporting the educational process with global-orientated academic courses and professional practical training.
  • The teaching staff of aviation management in Turkish universities is certified to have competence, scientific skill, and global academic mastering. They work to keep updated on aviation management as per the educational programs and international developments.

Aviation management acceptance rates in Turkey

  • Turkish public universities require a GCSE average of 60% to apply for aviation management college.
  • Scholarships in aviation management may require a higher GCSE average than 60%, which public universities need when applying for such scholarships. 
  • Admission to Turkish public universities to study aviation management specialization depends on:
    • Passing the Turkish YÖS exam.

    • Or passing the American SAT.

    • Submitting a certificate of English language proficiency or joining the language preparatory year.

Expected job opportunities for aviation management graduates in Turkey

  • Airport General Administration.
  • Administrative and technical jobs at airports and other aviation facilities.
  • Planning for airports and their facilities.
  • Participation in preparing strategic studies and emergency plans to prepare airports
  • and their safety per the international protocols.

Universities that provide aviation management in Turkey 

Best universities that provide business administration in Turkey

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