Studying Prosthodontics in Turkey
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Studying abroad is considered one of the biggest goals for Arab students, especially when studying in an attractive country like Turkey. which is a significant tourism destination known for the high quality of education and affordable living expenses in comparison to other European countries. Hence, the desire to study in Turkey has increased in the last couple of years. One of the most important specializations in Turkish universities is prosthodontics, known as the dental prostheses’ laboratory. In this article, we will discuss the most vital information for those who want to apply for this specialization.

What is prosthodontics?

  • It is one of the dental-related specializations, and its primary function is to fabricate fixed and removable prostheses for patients.
  • It is considered one of the most important dental-related specializations. Without it, dental work cannot be completed.
  • This specialization is also known as a diploma in the dental industry or as dental technology.
  • The job title for those who work in this field is a dental lab technician.
  • The dental technician is part of the dental staff and assists the dentist in replacing the lost teeth.
  • The dental lab technician receives the descriptions and measurements of the lost teeth from the dentist, then fabricates the fixed and removable dental prostheses further to the dentist to place them for the patient.

How many years is the prosthodontics specialization?

Two is the number of years studying prosthodontics like most diplomas or institution degrees.

Advantages of studying prosthodontics

  • Prosthodontics has some merits for those who work in this field:
  • The short period of study in prosthodontics, in comparison to other specializations, thus allows the graduates to enter the market earlier.
  • The possibility of work independence by starting your dental lab.
  • Excellent income.
  • Creativity in work, as this specialization allows those who love drawing and sculpting to invest in their talents.

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Why study prosthodontics?

This specialization is distinct among the various fields of science. Those working in this specialization are special by the following:

  • Creativity and artistic touch.
  • Freedom to work away from the government and private routine.
  • Flexibility and independence where the lab technicians can start their dental lab.
  • Significant demand as the need for graduates increases every day.
  • Prestige as the lab technicians work side by side next to the dentists.

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What are the skills that should be in a dental lab technician?

There are several skills to be known by students before applying for this field:

  • Patience; dental prostheses take a long time.
  • High focus; design, sculpt, and smooth new dental prostheses.
  • Possessing artistic sense to distinguish different colors and mixing them to obtain the same colors of patients' teeth.
  • High stamina; this career needs much effort to reach the desired result.

Although these skills may seem complicated to obtain, and like all careers, it is first tricky at the beginning, and then things become smooth and easy.

What are the available careers for a dental lab technician?

The demand for dental lab technicians is increasing, along with the dentists. They can work in the following jobs:

  • Private dental labs.
  • Private, government, and university hospitals.
  • Dental clinics.
  • Dental and oral health centers.
  • Training and research centers.
  • Besides all the above, graduates can apply for a degree in health administration for four years after passing the DGS test.

What are the tasks of a dental lab technician?

A dental lab technician is a dental staff member who works in a special lab to make artificial teeth. His primary duty is to make prostheses for patients by doing the following:

  • Dealing with patient files in the dental clinic and reviewing the listed important information.
  • Cooperate with the dentist to draw treatment plans.
  • Making prototypes for the prostheses after receiving the descriptions and measurements from the dentist by making unique silicon models.
  • After that, final and permanent prostheses are fabricated using acrylic materials, after making sure no adjustments are needed.
  • Finally, artificial teeth are sculptured and smoothed, then handed to the dentist.

Subjects of studying prosthodontics?

Studying prosthodontics is exciting and enjoyable, as the student studies different sciences in the branches of medical sciences. The subjects here are close and similar to dentistry subjects, but this specialization is more concerned with the cosmetic and therapeutic aspects of the mouth and teeth and providing cosmetic solutions to their problems. In general, the prosthodontic student studies the following subjects:

  • Teeth design and manufacturing using a computer
  • Anatomy and Human Physiology
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral and Periodontal Diseases
  • Microbiology
  • Drugs

Studying prosthodontics in Turkey

  • The Turkish government pays great attention to studying medical specializations, including prosthodontics, which is one of the most widespread specializations in Turkey.
  • To work in prosthodontics in Turkey, a university degree in this specialization is required to practice the profession, so universities handled this, opened their institutes, and developed professional programs that take care of the applied aspects and focus on the practical practice during the study.

What are the requirements to study prosthodontics in Turkey?

  • Most Turkish universities, especially public ones, require international students to pass the Turkish YÖS exam, parallel to the YKS test for Turks.
  • There are many universities in Turkey that do not require a YÖS, and admission is made through a high school diploma.
  • The minimum admission rate for public universities is often 65%, while for private universities is 50%

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What is the academic syllabus of prosthodontics?

  • The academic syllabus varies between universities. The study of prosthodontics in Turkey takes two academic years divided into four semesters.
  • Subjects differ from one university to another. However, in general, these subjects aim to prepare students to be versed in prosthodontics in its various branches.

For example, the academic syllabus of Istanbul Aydın University includes:


  • Information Technology
  • Dental Anatomy
  • Dental Laboratory Instruments
  • Stomatology
  • Anatomy and Human Physiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Microbiology
  • Fixed and Removable Prostheses


  • Orthodontics and Face Cosmetic
  • Business Administration
  • Drugs
  • Medical Law and Ethics

What are the best Turkish universities to study prosthodontics?

Studying prosthodontics in Turkey is available in private and public universities, and the following are the most important universities:




İstanbul Atlas



Ankara Medipol



İstanbul Aydin



İstanbul Medipol












Istanbul Arel



What is the salary of a dental lab technician in Turkey?

The salary of dental lab technicians varies from one city to another, but according to the Turkish KARIYER website, in 2021, it ranged from 2930 to 7000 TL per month, with an average of 4510 TL per month.

Finally, prosthodontics is one of the best specializations in the medical field. It provides the employees with varied job opportunities due to the great demand for workers. So, the student should think carefully and apply for it if they have the chance. Turkey is an appropriate environment to study this specialization due to the high quality and efficiency of university education.

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