Applications for Spring at Kent are Closed in 2024!

Applications for Spring at Kent are Closed in 2024!
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 27 Feb 24

Kent University announces the end of applications for the spring semester 2024

Kent University -a private Turkish university- announced the end of the application period for the spring semester of the new academic year 2023-2024.

Installation begins now for students who have already paid the registration fees or who have received initial admission and wish to pay the fees.

The University of Kent offers a variety of academic programs, including undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and is known for its quality teaching and distinguished learning environment.

Rankings of Kent  University 

Kent University continues to achieve outstanding academic achievements, ranked 182nd nationally and 9626th globally, according to Webometrics, the global university rankings website. This ranking is an indication of the university's commitment to providing high-quality education to its students.

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