Rise of Istanbul Gelişim University in global rankings

Rise of Istanbul Gelişim University in global rankings
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 05 Sep 23

Gelişim University achieved a higher ranking in the 2023 Webometrics global university rankings!

The Webometrics ranking data for July 2023, which ranks around 32,000 universities worldwide, was published. It is the largest university ranking system in the world, operating the Cybermetrics Laboratory research group affiliated with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

The results showed progress for Istanbul Gelişim University, which was ranked 2329th among global universities according to Webometrics 2023 data, representing an increase of 213 places compared to the first half of 2023, which is a rapid growth rate. Istanbul Gelişim University [1] continues to develop its vision as a "research university" and has risen in the rankings over the past three years, ranking 56th among 209 higher education institutions in Turkey.

Gelişim University accreditations and recognitions

Gelişim University has received many international and local accreditations and recognitions in many of its academic programs, including:

  • MÜDEK accreditation for engineering programs

  • ILEDAK accreditation for communication programs

  • CEA accreditation for English language program

  • AQAS recognition indicating that the university's academic programs are in compliance with European standards.

Gelişim University's receipt of these accreditations and recognitions increases the strength of its academic certificates at both the local and global levels, providing high employment opportunities for its graduates.

Gelişim University majors

Gelişim University offers more than 80 undergraduate programs and many master's and doctoral programs. Some of the most important majors at Gelişim University include:

  • Business Administration

  • Physical Therapy

  • Architecture Engineering

  • Aviation Management

  • Medical Equipment Technology

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