Quota of Pharmacy in English at Medipol is full for 2023

Quota of Pharmacy in English at Medipol is full for 2023
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 14 Aug 23

The Quota of Pharmacy in English at Istanbul Medipol University is full for 2023

Istanbul Medipol University has announced that the quota for Pharmacy in English at the Istanbul Medipol University for the New Academic Year 2023-2024 is full. It is worth mentioning that Medipol University has achieved a high global ranking according to Times Higher Education rankings for 2023. In terms of medical specialties, Medipol University ranked fifth among Turkish universities and between (201-300) globally according to Times Higher Education.

Studying Pharmacy in English in Turkey

Many Turkish universities offer high-quality academic programs in Pharmacy in English, which makes the demand for this major by international students increasing. Among those universities are:

·       Istinye University

·       Yeditepe University

·       Altinbaş University

·       Istanbul Medipol University

·       Bahçeşehir University

·       Biruni University

Istanbul Medipol University Ranking

Medipol University ranks 50th locally and 2147th globally according to Webometrics university rankings.

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