Jordan recognizes Haliç University in 2024

Jordan recognizes Haliç University in 2024
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 02 Jul 24

Jordan's recognition of Haliç University: a new step towards broader educational horizons

The Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced its official recognition of the Turkish private Haliç University, after meeting all academic accreditation requirements. 

This decision comes to open the way for Jordanian students wishing to study at a prestigious Turkish university, which has a good reputation and high-quality educational programs at reasonable costs.

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The best majors at Haliç University

Haliç University offers a variety of specializations with international academic quality, including:

Science majors:

  • Pharmacy
  • Computer science and information technology
  • Environment Science
  • Psychology

Engineering specializations:

  • Civil engineering 
  • Eectrical engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Aeronautical engineering and space sciences

Other specialties:

  • Cybersecurity 
  • Foreign languages
  • Architecture
  • Law
  • Business Administration and Marketing
  • Media and Communication

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Haliç University accreditations and recognitions

Haliç University obtains many international accreditations and recognitions from prestigious educational institutions. These accreditations reflect the university's firm commitment to providing high-quality education that meets international standards and qualifies its graduates to succeed in various fields

Haliç University's most prominent accreditations:

  • Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK)
  • TEPDAD: to teach human medicine.
  • MÜDEK: Haliç University’s engineering programs are accredited by MÜDEK
  • Accreditation from (EUR-ACE): This international accreditation is a testimony to the quality of engineering programs at Haliç University.
  • DEDAK: for teaching language sciences and arts.
  • FEDEK: Arts, History and Languages ​​programs are accredited by FEDEK.
  • EPDAD: for teaching educational sciences and qualifying teachers.
  • STAR: Humanities and Social Sciences programs are accredited by STAR.
  • TAPLAK:  for teaching urban planning sciences, confirming its commitment.
  • TURAK: for teaching tourism specializations, allowing students to acquire the necessary skills to work in this vital sector.
  • HEPDAK: Nursing science programs are accredited by HEPDAK.
  • MIAK: to teach engineering and architectural design programmes.
  • ECZAKDER: to teach pharmacy programmes.
  • ILEDAK: Communication Sciences is accredited by ILEDAK.
  • ZIDEK: to teach science in the Faculty of Agriculture.
  • VEDEK: to teach the specialty of veterinary medicine.

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