Applications for Istanbul Kent University 2024 are now open

Applications for Istanbul Kent University 2024 are now open
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 07 Mar 24

Applications to Istanbul Kent University are now open for the year 2024-2025

Istanbul Kent University opens its doors to applications for international students for the new academic year 2024-2025. The University of Kent is one of the private Turkish universities that was recently established but quickly gained fame thanks to its advanced and sophisticated vision, and it aspires to be one of the leading universities in global higher education.

Kent University rankings

Istanbul Kent University became one of the top 200 Turkish universities in a short time, as it was established in 2006. It ranked 182nd locally and 9626th globally, according to the Webometrics global rankings website.

Advantages of Istanbul Kent University

International students choose the University of Kent because it has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Highly experienced and qualified academics.
  • Advanced technological infrastructure.
  • Laboratories and workshops equipped with the latest technology.
  • Adopting artificial intelligence and digital education technologies.
  • Member of the Erasmus student exchange program.
  • Ongoing training opportunities for students before graduation.
  • Following up on graduates and directing them towards suitable jobs.
  • 24 student clubs to organize student activities.
  • Internal and external sports competitions.
  • A huge library rich in books and scientific materials.
  • A charming location in the heart of Istanbul in the Beyoğlu district.
  • There is no requirement to pass the YÖS test.
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