Applications are open for postgraduate studies at Işik

Applications are open for postgraduate studies at Işik
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 14 May 24

Applications are open for postgraduate studies at Işik University 2024

The Turkish private Işik University announced the start of receiving applications for all its postgraduate specializations for the new academic year 2024-2025.

Işik University is one of the private Turkish universities that provides high-quality education with many features that make it an ideal destination for many students, whether from within Türkiye or from around the world.

Advantages of Işik University 

  • Featured location:

The university is located in the Şila district of Istanbul, on the Black Sea coast, providing a quiet and comfortable environment for study and concentration.

  • Interest in scientific research:

Işik University pays great attention to scientific research, and strives to keep pace with the latest developments in various fields.

  • Strong infrastructure:

Işik University has a modern and strong infrastructure, which includes many advanced facilities that help students study better. 

  • Teaching in English:

Işik University adopts English as the primary language of study in most of its specializations.

  • Student exchange programs:

Işik University offers its students the opportunity to participate in student exchange programs, such as the Erasmus programme.

  • Huge library:

Işik University includes one of the largest university libraries in Turkey, containing more than 600,000 printed and electronic books in various fields.

  • languages ​​School:

Işik University has a SFL language school affiliated with the university. Students can enroll in this school to study Turkish or English before starting university studies.

  • Student activities:

Işik University encourages its students to join sports and student activities. The university includes more than 50 student clubs, in addition to many sports facilities, such as swimming pools and playgrounds.

  • Double major:

Işik University offers its students the possibility of obtaining a double major. This helps students acquire new skills and knowledge, and expands their opportunities in the labor market.

  • Suitable fees:

Işik University is distinguished by its moderate and appropriate university fees compared to many other private Turkish universities.

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