Yeditepe announces the opening of applications 2024

Yeditepe announces the opening of applications 2024
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 05 Feb 24

Yeditepe University announces that it is receiving applications for the year 2024

Students wishing to study in Turkey have a great opportunity to apply to one of the best private universities in Turkey. The Turkish University of Yeditepe has announced that it is opening its doors to receive student applications to study there for the new year 2024-2025. Yeditepe University ranked 44th among Turkish universities.

Yeditepe University accreditation

Yeditepe University has obtained several local and international accreditations that have attracted many international students, including:

  • ECZAKDER accreditation in pharmacy.

  • FEDEK accreditation in Arts, Science and History.

  • MÜDEK accreditation in engineering programs.

  • EPDAD accreditation in psychological teaching and counseling.

  • LEDAKi accreditation in communications.

Yeditepe University fees 2024

The college

Annual fees

Medicine (English)


Dentistry (English)


Pharmacy (English)


Physiotherapy (English)


Engineering (English)



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