Top 10 Private Universities in Ankara
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Starting your university journey is very exciting. You feel very close to achieving your goals and dreams. Studying in Türkiye ensures you a great experience. You get your education at prestigious universities while exploring a very beautiful country at the same time.

Universities in Turkey offer you a high-quality education. Many of them are recognized by many countries. Which paves the way for you to have a bright future anywhere you want around the world. We provide you with the best detailed guide to study in Turkey.

Why study in Ankara? 

Ankara is the capital of Turkey. Despite being the capital city, it is known to be calmer and less crowded than Istanbul. 

The living expenses in Ankara are lower than in Istanbul. So, it is considered to be more affordable for students.

It has amazing nature and parks where you can go out with your friends and relax. There are also many shopping centers and places to socialize.

In Ankara, there are many prestigious private universities that you can enroll in. The following are considered the top 10 universities in Ankara.

The best universities in Ankara

Bilkent University 

The University of Bilkent is known to be the top private university in Ankara. It ranks number 7 among the best private universities in Türkiye.

Bilkent University offers its students access to the most extensive library in Turkey within its campus. This ensures the quality of academic knowledge for the students.

While studying at Bilkent University, you can join their student exchange program. The university has agreements with 297 universities in different countries, which gives you the opportunity to deeply explore a new country and its culture.

Why study in Ankara

Baskent University

Başkent University is considered the 27th-best private university in the country. It is a large institution that welcomes a great number of students each year.

The university is recognized by the YÖK. Baskent University offers diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, master's degrees, and doctorate degrees in many departments.

Baskent University makes sure its students have a balanced life. On campus, you can find dormitories for students to rest and study. Also, there are sporting facilities where it hosts sporting activities.

TOBB University of Economics and Technology

In Turkey, TOBB University ranks number 39 in the best private universities category. It has a great reputation in important fields such as technology and economics.

TOBB is widely keen on preparing its students for life after graduation. It is the first university in Türkiye that applies the cooperative education system to its undergraduate education programs.

Their educational system grants you the opportunity to graduate from university with 1 year of work experience on your resume. This increases your chances of getting hired right after graduation. 

Atilim University

The University of Atılım is considered one of the best universities in Ankara for international students because the majority of the departments available there are in English.

Atilim University is recognized by the European Union. It has many distinguished accreditations, such as the Pearson accreditation and the FEDEK accreditation.

It has a range of faculties, including media, engineering, and medicine. You can find a variety of departments in each of its faculties.

Cankaya University

Çankaya University is one of the top-ranking universities globally. It ranks 52 among the best Turkish universities.

The university is known for providing its students with the best facilities on campus. This ensures a great learning journey for the students. It has sports facilities, a health center, and computer labs.

Based on each student’s preferences, they can join the student clubs and activities. These clubs help the students grow in fields that interest them and allow them to fill their free time with useful activities.

Ted University

Studying at Ted University helps you start working immediately after graduation in any country you want. The main language of instruction is English, which is greatly needed in the global job market.

The university has many laboratories and research centers to push students to widen their knowledge and apply what they learn.

The best universities in Ankara

Ankara Medipol University 

In 2018, the Foundation of Turkey Education, Health, Science, and Research established the University of Ankara Medipol in order to enrich the scientific community in Turkey.

Ankara Medipol University has been accredited with great accreditation in many fields. This signifies the high-quality education served by the university. For its department of International Business Administration, it has been granted FIBAA accreditation. It has SABAK accreditation for its health and sciences programs.

OSTIM Technical University

OSTIM Teknik University is famous for being the first industrial university in Turkey. It provides its students with practical education. The university has partnerships with many companies that offer students training during their educational journey.

OSTIM University also has a platform called Technopark. This platform empowers the students and enables them to do research and development studies and come up with prototypes.

Lokman Hekim University

Lokman Hekim University mainly focuses on science and medical departments. It is among the best private medical universities in Ankara. It is famous for being innovative through conducting advanced scientific research that can impact the world.

The university enriches the student experience with high-technology facilities and laboratories. It also has a medical group of seven hospitals equipped with the latest technologies.

Ankara Bilim University 

Ankara Bilim is one of the universities in Ankara that teach in English. All of its departments, even in different faculties, are fully in English, including psychology, filmmaking, and computer engineering.

Even though the university has been established recently, it stays innovative and contributes to the development of Türkiye.

Enroll in private universities in Ankara with StudyFans

Enroll in private universities in Ankara with StudyFans 

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