Recognition by the UAE of Altinbash University in Turkey

Recognition by the UAE of Altinbash University in Turkey
Dr. Marwa Fahmy Date : 22 May 23

Recognition of Altinbaş Turkish University by the United Arab Emirates 2023

The Ministry of Education in the UAE announced the recognition of the Turkish University of Altinbash in 2023, which gives a great opportunity for Emirati students to enroll in Altinbash University, and benefit from the development of its educational subjects, the openness of education in it, and the presence of the latest technical devices for student education.

It is reported that Altinbash University ranks 6684 globally and 139 locally at the level of Turkish universities. It is considered one of the best Turkish universities attracting foreign students, as there are about 4,000 foreign students out of 16,000 students at the university.

Confessions of Altinbaş University

Altinbash University is recognized in each of the following countries: Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq, in addition to the European Union and several other foreign countries. Altınbash University also ranked first in science teaching programs in all its fields in Turkey, recognized by the international medical organization known as TEPDAD 

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