Global rise of Istanbul Gelişim University in URAP ranking

Global rise of Istanbul Gelişim University in URAP ranking
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 06 Sep 23

Continued Global and Local Ranking Increase for Istanbul Gelişim University 2023

URAP Academy has released its 2023 ranking of Turkish universities based on their academic performance. Gelişim University has announced an increase of 492 places from the previous year, now ranking 2299 globally. It has climbed 60 steps since last year to become 73rd locally among 206 Turkish educational institutions within the ranking.

Advantages of Gelişim University

Despite being a young university founded in 2008, Gelişim University has made a name for itself with a history of achievements, including:

  • The university offers around 77 undergraduate programs, 61 fellowship degree programs, 67 master's programs, and 9 doctoral programs, making it the first among Turkish universities in terms of the number of specialties.

  • The university hosts a large number of international students, with a total of 5631 students from around the world.

  • The university has received accreditation from around 65 educational programs by local and international entities.

  • Gelişim University established 140 labs on its campus to encourage students to participate in practical training and scientific research.

  • Gelişim University offers dual degree programs to its students.

  • The university provides student exchange programs such as Erasmus to offer opportunities for students to travel abroad.

Accreditations and recognitions of Gelişim University

Gelişim University has received accreditations from various institutions for its programs, including:

  • AQAS accreditation in Germany

  • EUA accreditation from the European Universities Association

  • IAU accreditation from the International Association of Universities

  • ENAEE accreditation from the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education

  • Gelişim University is recognized by many Arab countries, such as Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Sudan, and others.

 These accreditations serve as reliable sources of information for international students looking for suitable universities to meet their aspirations and determine the best fit for their abilities.


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