Success Of Haliç in the International University Ranking

Success Of Haliç in the International University Ranking
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 23 Oct 23

Haliç University's Success in the International University Ranking 2023

Haliç University's global and local successes continue as it ranks 3539 out of 17757 universities in the AD ranking, which ranks universities globally based on scientific performance and faculty productivity. Haliç University also ranks 882 out of 7992 private universities.

Locally, Haliç University ranks 108 out of 208 Turkish universities and 33 out of 75 foundation universities.

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Haliç University Accreditations

Haliç University has received several international accreditations for teaching different specializations, in addition to official accreditation from the Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK). These accreditations include:

  • TEPDAD accreditation for teaching human medicine.

  • VEDEK accreditation for teaching veterinary medicine.

  • MÜDEK accreditation for teaching engineering programs and specializations.

  • DEDAK accreditation for teaching language sciences and literature.

  • DEPAD accreditation for teaching dentistry, among other accreditations for different specializations.

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