Psychology Program at Bilgi Reaccredited by TPD in 2023

Psychology Program at Bilgi Reaccredited by TPD in 2023
Dr.Marwa Fahmy Date : 19 Aug 23

Psychology Program at Bilgi University Reaccredited by TPD in 2023

The undergraduate Psychology program at Istanbul Bilgi University's Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has been reaccredited by the Turkish Psychological Association (TPD) until June 19, 2028, for a period of five years.

Efforts of the Psychology program at Bilgi University have been recognized for enhancing critical thinking skills of students and ensuring ethical principles in psychological research and practice as its strengths. The program's educational outcomes are also aligned with international standards and TPD-PPAB program outcomes.

In addition, comprehensive opportunities are provided for students to pursue secondary or dual specializations, take courses from different departments and disciplines, participate in international exchange programs, effective social communication activities for faculty members outside the curriculum, and services offered by the Psychological Counseling Unit among other program strengths highlighted in the decision.

Since 2010, TPD has accredited Psychology programs in 16 undergraduate programs in Turkey with the authority granted by the Turkish Council for Higher Education Quality.

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