Jordan's recognition of Gelişim University 2024

Jordan's recognition of Gelişim University 2024
Dr/Marwa Fahmy Date : 27 Mar 24

Jordan's recognition of Turkish Gelişim University 2024

The Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education announced its recognition of Gelişim Private University in Turkey in 2024. 

This decision is a positive step for Jordanian students wishing to continue their studies in Turkey, as Gelişim University is one of the prestigious universities that offers high-quality academic programs in various specializations.

The importance of international recognitions and accreditations in Turkish universities

International recognition:

  • Enhances job opportunities for graduates at the international level.
  • It facilitates the transfer process between accredited universities without losing academic credits.

Positive impact on society:

  • It contributes to the development of society by providing education and training opportunities and encouraging research and innovation.
  • It improves the economic and social life in the area surrounding the university.

continuous improvement:

  • Stimulates the process of continuous self-evaluation and improvement at the university.
  • Contributes to the development of curriculum, faculty, and resources.


  • It attracts more international students and academic staff.
  • Enhances the university's reputation in the international academic community.

Professional license:

  • It is a requirement to obtain a professional engineering license to practice engineering professionally.

Improved reputation:

  • It indicates that the university meets high standards of quality in teaching, research, and service provision.
  • Reinforces the university's commitment to continuous improvement.

Distinction and excellence:

  • It contributes to achieving academic excellence and excellence in specific fields.
  • It attracts talented students and academic staff interested in these fields.

Obtaining financing:

  • The university qualifies for funding from some funding institutions.
  • Provides additional opportunities to obtain financing.

Obtaining academic support:

  • It allows the university to obtain academic support from other institutions in the academic community.
  • Provides opportunities for collaboration and partnership in research and teaching.


  • Ensures that the program or course is up to date and relevant to the field of study.
  • Enhances the employability of graduates.
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